Star Witness

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26 Comments on “Star Witness

  1. Dennis! I think you were winning. Now you make yourself look guilty by tunneling out. But I did enjoy the sing along.



  2. Yes, I agree with the Mango, You were making a very strong case for yourself until you went on the lamb! or I guess you went on the rabbit? Anyway, watch out that wascally wabbit doesn’t get you into more trouble!


  3. Who knew Bugs Bunny could be so helpful! I’m not sure you should go with him, though, Dennis! It’s going to look bad on the naughty list next year if you leave Trixie to take the rap (and pay the pizza bill)!



  4. Hey Dennis, why did you tunnel out? What’s that motto of yours? Or is there more going on here than meets the eye?

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara


  5. Pizzzzzzzaaaaa I love pizza
    Dennis you did a mighty fine sneekeroonie disappearing act and say hi to Buggs from me



  6. Dennis do you really trust that silly wabbit?!word of advice, stay away from the cartoons.

    MUWAAH for the special award too:) i’ve never been in the spotlight before- woot woot!

    tula MONSTAH


  7. Rabbits are bad! They act like your friends, but then all of a sudden… BAM! They’re not your friends anymore.



  8. Dennis, you looked totally adorable on the stand; no one could possibly find you guilty, although I’m not sure tunneling out looks very good……


  9. Dennis..
    I just came from Jans Funny Farm. She mentioned courtroom dogs and I didn’t know she meant you!!! Man.. why didn’t you take those pizzas with you… that crazy wabbit trix is for kids.


  10. Major, major mistake, Dennis! Tunneling out will only get you in further trouble, PLUS leave the Beautiful Trixie with the bill. She is not likely to forgive you for this and I couldn’t blame her.

    That silly Bugs is only going to get you in further trouble, too.
    Remember what a hard time we all had last Christmas getting you off the naughty list. This is likely to keep you on it permanently. What to do? I’m clueless!



  11. Dennis, we’ve been reading your posts and we have yet to figure out why you’ve been in court, but we think maybe we should send a courtroom therapy dog over to keep you calm so you can make a good impression on the judge and jury. Whatever you’re doing there, we figure you can use some help.


  12. Wooos! Pizza, pizza, pizza………pizza….Yum, what else was going on? Something about a rabbit?


  13. PS

    My doggie mom said could you please not do cliff hangers on the day after our visit to the dog groomer? She says that biting my nails messes up the manicure.



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