Wordless Wednesday: It Begins

50 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: It Begins

  1. Wooos! Can I come over to help de-stuff something> I am very good at that!


  2. Dennis, don’t worry we know it wasn’t you! We will tell your humans that you were over visiting us at the time so it must have been some other dog!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  3. Hey Dennis! Why did your dada and mama arrange the furniture so funny with two couches right next to each other. That IS what you are showing us, right?

    Oh yeah, did Khyra come to visit you because it looks like she left some floof behind.



  4. Are you going to blame this on Trouble again, Dennis? BOL You’re terrible. On a happier note, if we get that stuffing and add it to the bags our M has “rescued” the past few weeks, we can make a brand new couch!


  5. uh oh. Are those botton halls?
    I like those a lotttt, also tippieQ’s.
    mom always says no no.

    bonkies for all of you.


  6. My my Dennis… what have you done now… okay escape strategy, never admit, just say it wasn’t you.

    Licks, hero


  7. uh oh…looks like someone chewed through a a stuffed toy….probably because someone didn’t get to go for a ride!!


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