hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay erlier this week sumbuddy (dada!!!) posted a pikcher of the kowtch wot owr frends gave us to reeplayse the other kowtch wot misteeryusly lost all its stuffing the reeplaysment kowtch had a teensy littel hole in the arm and becuz of that i wuz blaymd and put bak in my krate wen mama and dada ar gawn!!! so unfare!!! how unfare yoo ask??? wel luk at this shokking evidense wot i hav amassd chek it owt:

heer is a pikcher of the side of owr howse yoo can see owr howse yoozd to hav a mini me howse rite nekst to it:

hi trixie!!! now also note that dada has dug up all the big hairy flower things wot yoozd to grow nekst to the howse this wil be importent later!!! ok ennyway so their is the cute littel mini me howse rite??? wel now luk at wot happend to it:

thats rite it has ben destroyd!!! and dada freely admits that he did it with a hammer and a crowbar!!! shokking destrukshun isnt it??? he klayms it wuz infested with rats and termites but hay ges wot dada so wuz the sofa!!! ha ha ok now yoo may hav notisd that owr howse yoozd to hav a sun shade on the bak as seen in this pikcher:

hi trixie!!! now i say it yoozd to hav wun on akkownt of dada demolishd it with a hammer and a crowbar on akkownt of it suppozedly had termites in it hmmm ware hav i herd that before???

hi trixie!!! ok now remember how i showd yoo how dada had dug up all the hairy flowers frum nekst to the howse??? wel chek owt this shokking fotograf:

hi trixie!!! and yes thats rite its dada standing nekst to sum sort of jigantik hole in the grownd wot he obviusly dug himself and he is now admiring his handywurk!!! let me gess the grownd wuz infested with termites and rats rite dada??? ennyway i think we can see now hoo is the reel master of destrukshun arownd heer hint it is not me!!! so wen is dada going to be put in a krate thats wot i want to no!!! ok bye

34 thoughts on “destrukshun???

  1. When is dada going to be crated, you say? Don’t hold your breath, Dennis. Thats the difference between us Pups and the Hu-parents. They can do what they want and we can do what they want. Where is the Justice there? Right, there is none.

    Might as well get a bone, and just go chew as worry about stuff like this.



  2. Dennis, I think your Mama needs to go to the Petsmart and get an extra large Daddy crate to put right next to yours…in fact…maybe it was your Daddy that took the stuffing out of the couch?? Maybe IT had termites too!!


  3. Well, Dennis, it is clear to me that dada is becoming unhinged. These things happen to man persons who spend time working on a computer keyboard rather than out hunting wild animals and building things with manly tools.

    I think the crate might be traumatic for him, but I do suggest getting him a well equipped tool belt to wear around. This will reinforce his manly feelings and make him less likely to “act out.” Who knows, your mama might think it’s hot which would be a bonus.

    In the meantime, focus on Trixie. She is the mastermind and your dada is just her pawn.



  4. Oh no! Not the crate! Dennis, I have felt your pain! I say you try laying on the bed like you did in that video and blink your eyes and wag your tail at dada a lot and maybe they’ll let you stay out!



  5. So unfair! You put a tiny hole in the couch — supposedly, not proven. But your dad is justly accused. You’re right. So when is he going to be crated until he learns to behave?

    Sorry, Dennis’ dad, but fair is fair.


  6. I find that my dad starts to “fix” thingys and then it all just goes to … I tend to stay very much far away when he picks up his man toys. I’m just sayin’.


  7. Hey Dennis
    it’s your nice reader norwood here. hey your dadda is naughty. tell him you were exterminating termites from the couch.. that’s all. And tula’s crate should fit him – seeing she’s probably dadda’s size.
    okay.. bye


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