Having returned in triumph from Little China, I am expecting to be given a new assignment in my new position as a paranormal investigator; but instead I find the university abuzz with news of impending planetary disaster. The astronomers in our physics department have discovered a giant asteroid heading straight for earth. An emergency meeting has been called to figure out how to avert this catastrophe; and of course, with my stellar track record of beating insurmountable odds, they want me to be involved. Can we save the world? I hope so — all my stuff is there! If we succeed, we will be heroes; if we fail, it will be … Armageddon.

All the best minds at the university have gathered to discuss possible solutions to the impending apocalypse:

Then a late arrival to the meeting makes a startling suggestion:

Once he has clarified that he means to set charges on the asteroid to destroy it, and that he doesn’t mean we should blow up our ship, his plan suddenly makes more sense. But can it work? What sort of massive explosive could possibly destroy an asteroid that big?

And so the plan is set. Now we just need a ship. I offer the use of my trusty Doghouse of Justice, but NASA has different ideas.

It’s a brand-new shuttle, backed by Toyota’s legendary reliability, prepared and ready to take us into orbit, once our astronaut training is complete!

With this crew and all the brilliant planning and technology that has gone into it, there is no way this mission will fail! Especially not with me aboard — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

31 thoughts on “Dogageddon

  1. Dennis
    I’m a little afwaid fow youw safety, but then I wemembew youw twack wecowd and wealise thewe should be no pwoblemo, hehehouw lives awe in youw paws
    smoochie kisses


  2. Dennis, I’m going to get the treats you need to figure this out. I have faith in your bark and I am counting on you to save us all. TDID (Thank Dog It’s Dennis)


  3. Okay, Dennis… at some point, somebody is going to have to stay behind on the asteroid to make the bomb explode. Don’t you go letting that nasty Owen Wilson trick you into a permanent sit/stay! Listen to The Affleck. He’s a kind man that will look after you!



  4. While I would follow you ANYWHERE (well… mostly…. I’m a little nervous about your Dada and his termite issues), and I think that the Pop Rock solution is BRILLIANT, the whole Toyota space shuttle? Erm. Aren’t you a little worried that you’ll accelerate WAY past the asteroid and end up at Alpha Centauri or something? Although I guess you’ve got a better chance with the Toyota shuttle than the moth-balled Pinto Shuttle… Maybe. Good luck. We’re all rooting for you – ’cause all my stuff is here, too, and I’d hate to see it get smooshed by an asteroid!

    *kissey face*


  5. While I am the first one to back up a giant trampoline as the solution for just about every problem in life, I have to admit Pop Rocks were the way to go in this particular case. It’s not only practical and cost effective, but you can eat it too.


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