its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul mistery gest!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering a speshul mistery selebritty gest host!!!

ha ha he is just saying how eksited he is to be heer!!! ok now on to the awards!!! first we hav the its a hat thing award frum my gud frend pink daisy!!!

of korse this award wuz kreated by the purple hatter!!! i am not shoor hoo amungst my frends wares hats but i no hoo has a big mowth so i wood like to pass this along to my frend mango relentlessly huge hoo can squeek an entire baskitball in his mity jaws!!!

ok nekst i hav not wun but too awards frum my noo frend jingle yanqui first is the onnest scrap award:

and nekst is the yoo deserv a star award:

i also got this same award frum my noo frend dustus!!!

now the roolz for the yoo deserv a star award ar that it must be passd to yore blog roll so pleez all my frends feel free to tayk it!!! as for the onnest scrap award for that wun yoo must list seven things wot peepul dont no abowt yoo frum reeding yore blog now i hav dun this list lots of times so i am probly owt of seekrets theirfore i hav askd trixie to step in and fil the gap tayk it away trixie!!!

thank you dennis.  here are seven things that you may not know about me:

  1. i was originally a foster dog just like dennis.
  2. i was adopted out from the pound to a family and then returned with a list of things i did wrong like jumping, aggression, and ripping people’s clothes.  the shelter was going to put me down if they couldn’t find a foster home for me. (and i never did anything like that while living with my mama and dada! i was shy at first but that’s all!)
  3. five minutes after i met tucker in my new house we were playing chase around the yard.
  4. when mama and dada got me i was a brown dog but after my coat grew in it turned out i was a black dog.
  5. some people think i am part belgian tervuren.  i will never tell.
  6. i used to be very suspicious of people with red hair, but not anymore.
  7. i don’t really play with stuffies but i like to take them away from tucker and dennis.

ha ha thanks trixie that wuz grate!!! ok now i must pass the onnest scrap award along to ten frends as per the roolz i wood like to giv it to:

  1. capn maverick the pirate!
  2. the thundering herd!
  3. jersey the stylish vizsla!
  4. mochi the magnificent!
  5. kira and scampi!
  6. the luvly and amayzing khyra!
  7. the dughallmor beagles hoo ar bak frum hiatus!!!  welkum bak!!!!
  8. the pointers of pandemonium hoo ar also bak frum hiatus!!!  welkum bak!!!
  9. ludo in hopes he wil show us mor luvly and onnest pikchers of the layk disrikt 9!!!
  10. and nico and the bandit hoo now hav an opportoonity to be onnest abowt the krimes they hav alledjedly committid!!!

and now owr mistery selebritty gest host wil perform a seen frum wun of his faymus mooveez tayk it away mistery selebritty gest host!!!

ha ha wow amazing!!! i do not no why yoo havent wun an akademmy award yet mistery gest!!! ok mooving on nekst is the circle of frends award from doraz!!!

doraz is of korse wun of my oldest and most bestest blog frends thanks doraz!!! and so i am going to giv this to my five oldest blog frends wot left me comments way bak in the erliest days of my blog sadly a lot of them do not blog ennymore having abandund it for the mithical land of faysebuk and so i wil giv this to the five wot stil do they ar:

plus i wil giv this to another of my oldest frends pink daisy!!!  this wil keep yore awards show going daisy!!!   thank yoo all for beeing my frend for these last sevral yeerz!!!  hay selebritty mistery gest i bet yoo hav lots of frends rite???

ok finaly the last award is the ekses and ohs award frum nun other then the purple hatter!!!

now sum of yoo may wunder why the purple hatter givs owt so menny awards but duznt git them wel it is becuz the purple hatter wants to be the kreator of theez wunderful gifts and has askd us not to giv him awards bak in reetern so purple hatter we just want yoo to no how mutch we appreesheyayt the awards yoo mayk for us!!! say mistery gest isnt that verry jenerus of the purple hatter???

oh hang on the caller id sez my publisist is calling i hav to tayk this!!! meenwile purple hatter askd us to giv this award owt to all owr frends so pleez grab it it is for all of yoo!!!

oh grate way to blow the mistery gests identity!!! stoopid publisist!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul mistery gest!!!

  1. congratulations to all!

    Trixie girl has quite a life story. Glad she is there with you.

    Keep old Tommy rolled up in that rug for awhile. Maybe he’ll calm down a bit.


  2. wow Dennis thats an awards record I am sure of it! Too bad you cna’t get a special guest host on board. Thanks for keeping my show going!


  3. That’s a lot of awards! I suspected the mystery guest was Jack Nicholson until the publicist gave it away! Do you think you could get that guy who plays Jacob from Twilight sometime? He can turn into a werewolf, you know!


  4. You just gotta get guests who are sort of down on their luck. Cruise was a good idea, but . . . .not too productive. Try Billy Crystal, you don’t hear much about him anymore, just start there, I will think of more for you.

    Congrats on the never ending awards!



  5. Darling, I really want to thank you ,
    from the very bottom of my heart,
    for coming over to wish William for his birthday tribute.

    He was so thrilled and this cannot be done without YOU!

    You ROCK!

    Have you a great week.



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