55 thoughts on “Mooooooommmmmmm!!!

  1. Poor, poor Dennis. Just be thankful that you don’t a Little Puppy Monster after you all the time, trying to bite your tail and legs and ears. But if you want, I can send her to you for a little while, so you’ll be much happier when she leaves! 🙂

    *kissey face*


  2. Oh dear! All that drama seems very much unwarranted on Tucker’s part. I am lucky cuz I have the Most Awesomest Brudder That Ever Was. But sometimes he says I am “irksome.” I’m pretty sure that’s a compliment. Right?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Don’t worry Dennis, Roscoe does that to me all the time! If I try and get comfy on the bed he growls at me and I am not even TOUCHING him!


  4. It’s even worse when it’s a big ginormous dog who is NOT supposed to be at your house! You remembered the most important rule, though, Dennis! Look completely innocent!



  5. Wha-at? That’s love, l-o-v-e. What did you think we did over at my house. One of the same…Moooom!


  6. Okay. I’m sitting here laughing ’cause in my mind, with all the world adventures and such, Dennis is a kick-ass macho stud…but in this video, he just looks…….overpowered by the pup….and annoyed! In a sweet….quiet way!!! I hate to say this Dennis, but that’s pretty cute! Macho cute. Of course. 🙂


  7. well what is it exactly that he is barking at? my bed seems really cramped and all i have is one big dog (lab). i can’t image three! must make for an interesting night at your house, no?


  8. Funny! We have two dogs and the younger one is always pestering the older, (and much bigger), one. In fact the big dog likes to hide behind my legs thinking I will do something to stop the harassment. Wishful thinking!


  9. Ohhhhhh…. how cute! Tucker and Dennis are adorable… Bodi is going crazy watching the video and listening to your Tucker talking! I love the last picture… “Make Dennis stop touching me!” Very cute!


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