me vs the room wot duznt hav enny karpeting

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as i am shoor most of yoo ar aware their ar too akseptabul forms of flooring their is karpeting and their is tile altho of korse this duznt apply to owtside ware yoo hav all sorts of difrent flooring like grass and seement and payvment and sand and dirt and pine cones and leevs and pine needels and more grass but i digress ennyway on a reesent visit to my mamas skool i wuz horrified to diskuver that sum rooms do not hav eether tile or karpet but sum other substanse wot appeerz to be old bowling alley floors chek it owt!!!

skarry isnt it??? but tucker seems totaly oblivius to the dayndjers of wawking on sutch a floor!!!

however as yoo no i never giv up, so i brayvly tried agin!!!

see i got closer that time rite???

i am three kwarters onto the weerd bowling alley floor so now i git a treet rite???

and despite the fakt that dada wuz kroolly cheeting me on treets i tried yet agin!!!

i think i wil just stand owt heer in the properly karpeted hallway ok???

then my brother tucker the other vizsla kaym to giv me a pep tawk!!!

and so i brayvd the awful kold slipry shiny floor!!!!!!

Four On The Floor ...

ummmm for a fyoo sekunds ennyway

... And Out The Door

and then at last mamas wurk in the room wot didnt hav enny karpeting wuz kompleet and we wer bak owt in the properly karpeted hallway ware we had a joyous reunion!!!!!!

oh yeah a karpeted hallway now thats wot im tawking abowt!!!

hover dog powers aktivayt!!!
hay mama i fownd dada he is at the end of this hallway!!!
observ my advansd paw ekspanding braking tekneek i lernd that in flyball!!! dont try this at home i am a profeshunal!!!
hi dada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
their i goooooo to sayv the daaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!

wel so that wuz my eksitemint for the weekend!!! i gess i showd that kreepy floor hoo is boss!!! ok bye

48 thoughts on “me vs the room wot duznt hav enny karpeting

  1. Oh, Dennis. I must say you are Most Brave! I didn’t like those slidy floors when I first moved in with mom and dad either. That’s some ker-azy stuff! But I finally showed ’em who’s boss. (Um, that would be me. I’m the boss of the floors now. Woowoo!) And I like your levitation skills. Most Impressive!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  2. Obviously there was a force field setup there and I have no doubt that Tucker’s brains were blasted every time he crossed it. I think that your one trip into the room roasted your brains a bit too given the cracker dog antics you exhibited on the carpeted hallway.

    Please do not cross force fields ever. Next time you might explodes.



  3. Haha! Welcome to my world,or living with Clover and wood floors! SHE is exactly the same when her nails get a little long and click on the floor. As soon as she hears the clicking …. she freezes. I have to make a path for her to move to the carpet by moving floor mats or putting down towels!!!!! Silly dogs!!


  4. Hi Dennis friend! We have that kind of floor at my house. Sometimes mommys and daddys put down special little carpets on the bowling alley floor to help with slipping. You might want to talk to your momma about getting some of that for her classroom.


  5. Oh Dennis! We can see how slippery that floor is! That does look scary!!! We have tile floor at our house and we always slip on it when we run around the corner!! momma says we look like the three stooges!!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani


  6. Zoooom, zoom! I liked you using Dada as a flyball thingy!
    I hate those kind of floors too, we has them at my dog club, they has rubber mats too and I will not step off the mats, not at all!!!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  7. Dennis, we were very impressed with your efforts!It is true,Dennis never gives up! We thought you were very good at reversing!
    We loved seeing your happy zoomies on the properly carpeted hall floor. You were flying! Great pics!
    How very cool that you got to go to school and your learned how to be brave!


  8. Good grief Dennis, that was really scary flooring. Your action shots in the hallway were awesomely awesome. So anyway how come Tucker TMBTDVD was able to go confidently onto the special flooring & you couldn’t???


  9. My mom loves the way you can streeeeetch and keep your back legs in a safe spot, just like elevator. You were brave! Good carpet hover work.

    love & wags,


  10. Wooos Dennis, I guess the world needs to have more acceptable flooring for woo! Wooo would not like my boat at all, especially when it is moving… Scampi hides in the cabin below stairs then, and does not move, clinging to the bedding….
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  11. Hmmmmnnnn. I too, hate oily bowling alley floors – I don’t blame you for being careful; in fact, I think you were most brave! And you definitely have pawsome and magical levitating skills as well as super paw-expanding braking techniques – you run at blur-speed, so I guess you need to learn how to properly use those “brakes.” Maybe Toyota should hire you.
    Hugs xo


  12. Dennis, I am completely awed and impressed by your bravery! You really did stick with it! I think it was rotten that your dada shorted you on the treats, though! Does he not understand what a big accomplishment that was?



  13. Whoa that was scary like a elevator! Momma tries to lure me into all sorts of death traps exactly the same way. She sounds just like your dada when she says ‘come on Mooses you can do it’ then right when I get started it is same as your dada, she says ‘oh what a brave boy’. But I am not buying it! I don’t know how Tucker survived it but I would keep to the safe zones that are zoomie-friendly!


  14. oh wowie. Your paws are super cool, I love them!
    It is very good to be careful Dennis, I am the same way, so I do no see a problem here at all. Just remmber, it’s every buddy else that has the problem. They are not careful. I could tell you were trying to warn the family!

    bonkbonkbonks for bravery


  15. Has that been a life ling neurosis Dennis? Or was the really the first time you encountered a hardwood floor? Reminds me of the time a couple of years ago in January, our lab jumped into the swimming pool only to find that the ‘water” was covered by a perfectly clear 2 inch layer of ice. I wish I had a video camera handy when it happened. She jumped into the pool, slid to the middle, then spent the next 10 minutes afraid to move. The ice was too thin for us to go out on, so we finally got a pole and pushed her to the other side where someone grabbed her and pulled her off. Now she won’t go into the pool even in the summer.


  16. Dennis, Chase and Holmes wanted me to suggest that you classify the not carpeted floor as a Slip n’ Slide. That’s how they use the ceramic tile in our downstairs — you make a running start on the carpeted part and then dive onto the wood — it’s really fun.


  17. I thought you’d do better in the third video, Dennis. You fooled me with your serious tail wagging. You did love those carpet zoomies though. Do your humans always laugh at you while praising you at the same time? You know, mine do to, but I don’t like it and our cat, Jet, gets really mad if you laugh and charges at you.


  18. Dennis
    This is tewwibull means you will nevew come live in newYawk..all the houses and apawtments have woody floows and only little cawpets on top sometimes.
    you wewe vewy bwave
    smoochie kisses


  19. Hi, Dennis!
    Sure there is a big difference between woody floors and carpeted ones!
    And after watching the last video… I know which one you love the most!
    Kisses and hugs


  20. Oh my God, Dennis – can you believe, horror of horrors – that the WHOLE floor of our new home in Brisbane is covered in that scary, slippery flooring? I thought you were awfully brave….and we just LOVED that last video of your “joyous reunion” – watching you fly back and forth just put such a big smile on Hsin-Yi’s face!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane


  21. Dennis, we have that kind of floor all over the place and our Mom seems to think she wants tile because we make a mess out of hers with our sliding. And now with Ciara, well, you know what happens with that.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  22. This is very funny! :))
    It’s afraid of the floor! He came in and then it came out!
    I like his reactions!
    I hope that after few days it used with it! 😉

    Have a special day, Dennis!!! 🙂


  23. LOL, Domino has the same reaction to snow. Even if it was slippery, at least the floor was warm.


    It didn’t give you cold, wet feet!.


    Ann (& Domino)


  24. we have that bowling alley floor, the only thing it is good for is tap dancing and hip checking Tanner into a wall. You were very brave but why didnt you just hover over it?


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