Observed Around The House

Later …

29 Comments on “Observed Around The House

  1. Isn’t Paris just great to have around, unless your a dog living in the Viscosi household


  2. Yes, we think you suit being in Paris Hilton’s bag very well!!!! Just waits until she gets you home Dennis and you are set loose in the mansion…………
    Have a good weekend.


  3. Woof woof woof! This post is to be relished by all Chi’s of the world, especially the homeless ones!


  4. I hope she works out because that is going to be one heavey bag.



  5. Oh dada! Blatant use of a sex symbol, the quintessential beautiful dumb blondie to stir up the hounds? Say it ain’t so, dada! Say it ain’t so.


  6. lol. Great post. Please everyone be careful not to step on the kitty and have a great weekend! 🙂


  7. Oh no’s. Paris has turned your whole family into purse pets. Oh no’s. Get her outta there immediately. The next thing you know she’ll have you going shopping with her!!!


  8. Paris will have to get six big wrestlers to carry that bag around for her, and yeah, what about when you want to stop and have a burger or take care of other matters. What then? You had all better figure this out before you decide lifestyles of the rich and famous are for you!

    Stella, who can’t even imagine this!


  9. Let’s talk about fashion week!!!
    They are very funny here!!!

    Enjoy the moment,my dear friend!!! 🙂


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