its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gests paris hiltons handbag and pink daisy!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! coming to yoo live frum a jiant handbag wot we cant git owt of but at leest the handbag is mayd owt of yummy lether ennyway pleez welkum speshul gest pink daisy dog!!!

i am shoor yoo wil eksyooz us pink daisy if we do not come down and sniff tayls like gud hosts shud!!! ok now on to the awards and meem show now first i wood like to tel evrywun abowt poor skeletor the reskyewd starving pit bull skeletor luks a lot like i did wen i wuz first reskyewd only more so ennyway skeletor is now beeing fosterd and is luking for a forever home like wot daisy and i hav fownd!!! ok and now on to the awards!!! first we have the sunshine award frum my frend teal’c down under!!!

i am shoor yoo all remember this award frum before lets all sing a littel shall we??? yoo ar my sunshine my only sunshine yoo mayk me happy wen skies ar grey!!! this song is of korse abowt mustard!!! now the roolz of this award ar to pass it along to twelv frends i wood like to giv it to:

  • my noo frend reese!!!  i wuz introdoosd to reese by wun of my only frends nun other then miss kylie enny frend of miss kylies is a frend of owrs!!!  reese is very noo to blogging and wood like to meet noo frends!!!
  • and my frend leeuna hoo grayshusly offerd to help owt with my satterday matinay after dada ran off to wurk on his silly danse moovs!!!  thanks leeuna!!!
  • and my frend farley of wun thowzand goldens!!!
  • and another noo frend dustus the scribbler hoo scribbles like dada yoozd to before i tuk over his riting time!!!  hay dada isnt it more fun to rite abowt me then to rite abowt monsters eeting peepul???  ha ha of korse it is!!!
  • and my frend frankie furter!!!
  • and of korse alina hoo brings evrywun a littel sunshine!!!
  • and the ever-sunny doraz!!!
  • and my noo frend soul dose!!!
  • and my gud frend shadow the poet!!!
  • and my frend 47whitebuffalo hoo is bak frum a short hiatus!!!  welkum back!!!
  • and my old frend mango the maltese kiddo hoo is bak frum a longer hiatus!!!  welkum back!!!
  • and finally my frend hoo is seekret and anonamus shhhhhh its a seekret!!!

ok wun award down!!! say daisy do yoo think yoo cud help us git owt of this jiant handbag by enny chanse???

keep trying pink daisy!!! ok nekst is the wall of hats award frum my gud frend the purple hatter!!!

yoo can always kownt on the purple hatter for a grate persunalized award!!! i wood like to giv this award owt to sum of my heroic frends hoo may not ware hats but probly shud inklooding:

  • indiana hero the heroic shar pei hoo must brayv fire ants and deth defying bridj crossings on his hikes!!!
  • indiana benny the tank hoo kontinyooz his daynjerus ekslporayshun of rooins in sertch of the trooth abowt the shadows!!!
  • indiana sonic hooz dada has mayd an amayzing animayshun viddyo wot is no dowt baysd on sonics troo adventchers!!!

in kayse yoo hav not seen me in my indiana jones fedora hat or if yoo hav forgottin it on akkownt of my missing my satterday matinay post yesterday heer i am!!!

hay daisy how is that lok coming???  enny luck gitting us owt of this handbag???

dont giv up pink daisy!!! i no yoo ar just like dennis the vizsla and i never giv up!!! ok nekst up is the blogger buddy award frum my frend jingle yanqui!!!

wot a pritty award byootiful ploomadj!!! this award is to be passd along to ten frends i wood like to giv it to:

  • first to my buddy joe stains hoo just ternd eleven!!!  hay joey yoo ar now as old as tucker witch meens yoo ar as old as the wurld!!!
  • katz tales!!!
  • and my kwality day hoo has ben showing pritty flowers this week!!!
  • and joey and kealani in hopes the pretty flower will sooth joeys sore eer!!!
  • and my frend the friggin loon becuz littel birds ar always telling her things!!!
  • and my kitty frend pierro hoo wood like a hover craft hay pierro theez birds can hover!!!  duz that kownt???
  • and my little frends the ratties!!!
  • and the 12 dogs blog!!!
  • and my gud frends dory and bilbo!!!
  • and my frend rachel hoo livs the doggie life!!!

uh oh it sownds like their is an alterkayshun going on in the depths of the handbag!!!

hold the fort pink daisy!!! meenwile heer is owr nekst award, the best blog award frum lavenderbay!!!

lavenderbay is another of my oldest blog frends thanks lavenderbay!!! this award is to be givin to fifteen blog frends jeepers i think i am handing owt awards to my hole blog roll this week!!! i wood like to pass this along to:

sorry nice reederz things ar gitting a little bit owt of hand heer!!! witch brings me to my last too awards they ar speshul dog awards frum none other then the purple hatter!!!

the powerful poochie award goes to all my dog blog frends and the power of the paw award goes to all my frends with paws!!! that inkloods kitties and ratties and hamsters oh my!!! and i wil need both of theez awards as trixie and me go into the depths of the handbag to sayv tucker from the marawding tinkerbell!!! wile we do that and becuz yoo wanted to see it heer is sum viddyo of mama and dada doing serprize freestile rooteenz wot got sprung on them at the last stoodyo eevent!!! this is not wot they wer dooing yesterday witch wuz just a big lessun this wuz an event frum sevral months ago witch also reezulted in my day beeing disrupted selfish selfish mama and dada!!!

and thats it for the sunday awards and meem show!!! lets giv a big hand to speshul gest pink daisy!!! toon in nekst week for a noo speshul gest host!!! now if yoo wil ekskyooz me i am going to tayk sum aspirin ha ha ok bye

35 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gests paris hiltons handbag and pink daisy!!!

  1. Thanks for the great award Dennis…Ummmm, good luck with the whole purse thing!!


    PeeEss..Your Mama and Daddy are pawsome dancers…too bad that you can’t go with them.


  2. I love dancing. I can watch dancing all day long! These are your parents? No wonder you’re so interesting and funny. As for the purse issue, I have identified with Tinkerbell (which I sometimes get called). Your pink Daisy’s looking a bit pale to me, plus I hope she’s looking for a new career, because pickpocket she is not. Congratulations on all your beautiful awards. I recently discovered Purple Hatter and I am as hooked as he is prolific.


  3. Dennis, your mama and dada really know how to cut a rug! You better be careful or they’ll be stealing the show from you!

    I’m glad you got out of that purse! That was a close call!



  4. Your mama is a great dancer. I am so glad she wore those nice clothes instead of the big foo foo dresses you sometimes see on those ballroom dancing ladies. And look how she smiles! Sure knows how to play the audience. Oh yeah, dada was pretty good too. Those are funny shoes he has on. Make taller shoes, huh, so mama can twirl around under his arms without getting tangled up.

    Hey, Miss Daisy did a super duper job. Hope to see more of her.



  5. My mom is all excited about watching something called the “Oscars” tonite but I don’t know how it could ever compare to this. It was Most Wonderfully Entertaining. I think Miss Daisy was a very spectacular co-host and did a grrreat job of improvising on the fly. Sorry you’re in such a pickle. Hope it all works out for you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. The video of your pawrents made me wants to dance!


  6. Good day Dennis, This was a grrreat post… as always. Love the dancing with the stars video.
    Congratutlations on the grrreat awards. You certainly do deserve them.
    Thank you for giving one to ME. That was most thoughtful of you my furend.
    I think that pocketbook thingy is pretty scary. I’m just sayin’.


  7. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Wow! Your Mama and Dada sure can dance! In that first one your Mama has some “moves” goin’ on!


  8. Dennis than you for having me on your awards show!! It was an awesome experience, sorry I couldn’t help you escape, I think Paris Hilton might really be an evil force to reckon with. I think that the best part was I got to sit on the couch! You know I never get to sit on the couch at home! Oh and your momma and dadda need to go on Dancing with the Stars! They are even better thann all those Hollywood types. I hope Trouble makes it back ok, she might be the only one with enough evil power to rescue you from the clutches of the clutch!.


  9. Hey! Okay….this was HYSTERICAL! The awards show part of it….but WOWOWOWOWOW! Your dances were SOOOOO beautiful! The first sizzled! Holy moly! And the second was so graceful. You both are LOVELY! And I loved that You waltzed to Enya. Just a treat watching You! Thank You for that! And Congrats to You and All for the awards! Cheers! 🙂


  10. Thanks for the award, Dennis, you’re pawsome… and what a show, though you guys couldn’t get our of paris’s bag… hehe. Great guest host by Daisy.

    Mama and dada sure dance well! Woohoo!

    Licks, hero


  11. You are such a talented family. I am soo amazed at all of you! Your mama and dada are great dancers. I am happy you have shared all of this great post with us all. CONGRATS to you all for ALL of the awards. CONGRATS to every one who was mentioned! Thanks…from me! 🙂 Have a fun week!


  12. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing about the band-aid! Hilarious! What a sexy little number that first dance was….your pawrents are very good Dennis! My Mom needs to learn how to dance like that. 🙂



  13. Hello Dennis
    This is your nice reeder norwood who loves frogs I think your dadda has magic feet! It’s so selfish to spend time spinning around when he should be out buying more bandaids. Thank woo very much for the award. I love it.


  14. hey Dennis, your hoomans are pawsome cha cha dancers…..mumster says she would invite you guys to chacha, samba and rhumba with her when you ever land in our sunny country!!!!

    i have an award for my new friend



  15. you are just the best looking vizlas in a hat!!! and just look at them dance! fantastic!!! thanks you too, dennis, for thinking of me, you’re a ray of sunshine yourself!


  16. Congratulations on the award! I always keep Tennis Balls in my purse for Sam – we’ve got a few stories of him getting stuck in it trying to get them out!



  17. Congrats on all your awards and thanks to Miss Daisy for trying to get that lock opened. Now as for the pawrents – should we expect to see them on an upcoming Dancing with the Stars???

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  18. These hooves may be slow on the uptake, but they find their way eventually. Awwww Dennis, you shouldn’t have done it! LOL–I will be doing featured blog awards for the rest of my blogging life! LOL. Perhaps a fedora will help out my brainpan along the way.
    Catnip for everyone!


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