30 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Handbag

  1. Pearlene here, you know the chihuahua over at boo-Bahs? I can personally tell you traveling in a purse isn’t that bad. In my younger days, I have enjoyed a lot of gourmet meals in the bottom of a purse. I have experienced Chinese, Mexican and Italian cuisine. The downfall is I am now on thyroid med’s and mama doesn’t have a purse big enough for me to fit in anymore.



  2. It sounds like you guys had a great day “pursing” around with Paris. 🙂 Hey, that would be a great name for a reality show, “Pursing With Paris”. Maybe you should suggest it to her.


  3. Poor little thing. She can’t help it that she was raised poorly. I am glad you three are trying to make friends and broaden her horizons. But Dennis sure uses many words, huh. Reminds me of PeeWee.


    P.S. Momma says I was too hard on your dada’s dancing skills yesterday. He is a most excellent dancer for sure. That ballroom stuff is much harder than the kind of 1960’s thrash dancing my master does. Plus it makes you very popular at weddings and what not.


  4. Purse-onaly, I hope to never find meeself claustrophobically stuck inside a bag with Paris’ pup, who may have forgotten her meds today? You guys were nice to hang out with her!
    xo Sammie


  5. The Beautiful Trixie goes out into the ocean water? She would probably go out into a polluted stream just to get away from you guys for a few minutes. And I couldn’t blame her!



  6. The Beautiful Trixie goes out into the ocean water? She would probably go out into a polluted river just to get away from you guys for a few minutes. And I couldn’t blame her!



  7. At first I got worried that Paris went clothes shopping, but I noticed the Petco bag. Maybe you’ll get to eat after all


  8. I hope you all don’t end up in a Food Fight while your ‘in the bag’. That could get UGLY real quick. I’m just sayin’.


  9. Did Paris buy you something nice from Petco, Trouble? BB used to be afraid of the waves and wouldn’t go in either! I’m not sure about life in a handbag….


  10. Don’t woo khanines chew on things?

    I mean, The Wild Dingo lady khlaims Sweet Juno eats her shoes – so a handbag should be tasty too –

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie


  11. My mom says I could say That’s Hawt but she said she would puke if I did. Why are you in the handbag? That’s just plain weird.

    love & wags,


  12. I would like to be carried in a purse all day. Can you imagine if I took Africa around in a purse? It would have to be a trunk with wheels and now I am just getting silly. Thanks for the support on my husband’s job!


  13. hey dennis it’s tula monstah i’d be interested in catching a ride in that purse thing too. walking is most exhausting and you’re headed to get some foodies. now you’re talkin’!


    * woot woot for the sunday awards–makes me want to dance. oh wait, that’s your mama & dada… bravo encore!


  14. i sure don’t know about Paris’s bag AS I have my very own bags and i looove being in them as i get to go places you guys don’t and Can’t…..so eat your hearts out dawgs and dawgs bol….

    being so small has its own advantages and disadvantages but i wouldn’t trade it in the world for anything…

    oh Dennis, congrats on your latest beautiful award from the PurpleMan…so cool



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