31 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Paris

  1. Oh, I am Most Glad that Most Skinny Paris girl left. But I think Tucker should not be in there with Trouble. This makes me Most Nervous. Run, Tucker, Run!

    Nervous wiggles & wags,


  2. Chow Yun Fat is doing the Sunday awards show? That will be action packed. Nice to know a doggie who is so well connected. Did Trixie invent Italian? Because they say chow a lot even though the spell it funny like Ciao (which actually has C.I.A. in it – kind of suspicious, huh).

    Does Tucker have a Fantastic Voyage in mind?



  3. Who let the dogs out of the bag? The crazy blonde from yesterday? She never took them to any fancy restaurants!


  4. First, I am glad to see you all have given up the star-studded lifestyle of Paris H. and have come back to earth. However, it looks like Trouble might be getting to send you guys into orbit!! Watch that cat! She cannot be trusted!!


  5. Chow tiiiiiime!
    I just wanted to say that, heh.
    You guys get to lay around on a couch. I want to do that with a buddy too.
    can I come over and lay around like a guy too, and and talk about stuff?



  6. Haha… I’m a fan of Chow Yun Fatt and Stephen Chow… but this Mr. Chow… hmmm? I smell trouble is brewing… I mean real trouble… no, I mean… nevermind.

    Licks, hero


  7. Oh my… trouble back up to his old Trix!

    trixie and trouble…hmmm… was that a naming coincidence? and then Tucker?

    so what’s with the name “dennis?” you didn’t want to name him Tennis?


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