Having completed our astronaut training, our little band of spacefarers is preparing to depart the Earth with our load of Pop Rocks and soda in a desperate attempt to blow up the asteroid that threatens to destroy our planet. But before we go, we have time to stop by the conference room to watch the President address the nation, and indeed the world, to provide a much-needed dose of hope and reassurance.

Following that very confusing speech, we head out to the launch pad to take up our positions in the Toyota-built Lego shuttle to begin our journey into space, accompanied by the majestic strains of our theme song. Note to self: See about hiring this band to perform on the Sunday Awards and Meme Show. If I can figure out who they are.

Then, as we prepare to board the shuttle, the unthinkable happens!

Something seems to have gone wrong with the shuttle’s accelerator, causing it to launch prematurely, and unmanned, taking all our Pop Rocks and soda with it! We hurriedly reconvene in the conference room to figure out how to recover from this disaster. A special consultant is brought in who says he can get us into orbit, where we will rendezvous with the shuttle and begin our mission. Although he seems strangely familiar

With no time to waste — for every moment, the shuttle gets farther away, and the asteroid gets closed — we astronauts and Quad gather on Quad’s spaceship, the Orca, for a hasty launch!

We will be pushing the Orca to its limit in an attempt to catch up to the shuttle and retrieve its payload of Pop Rocks and soda, but we have no choice — if we fail, the Earth is doomed. But we will not fail — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

25 thoughts on “Deepageddon

  1. At first I was a little worried, but then I saw that they sealed all the windows with Saran Wrap (the heavy duty stuff, I hope), and now I feel OK about it. Pop rocks here Dennis comes!



  2. Do you think maybe there are Ninja Hedgehogs on the moon? I’ve also been meaning to ask you, whatever happened to the Go Fer Broke? Maybe you could outfit it with rockets to take down the Ninja Hedghogs from outerspace?


  3. The suspense is killing me. Do I need to get my toys in order??? Will there be a thunderstorm? YAWN, better take a nap and mull this all over. I know the situation is in grrrreat paws.


  4. When the rocket blasted off without you Dennis, I thought you & your crew were gunna be secretly rushed off to a space like film studio to film some action packed adventure like they did when they faked the moon landing.


  5. Good luck on your mission, Dennis. We believe in you. Probably the reason the spaceship left without you was that someone said “lunch” and those in mission control thought they said “launch”. It’s a very common mistake.


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