its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering speshul gests chow yun fat and stephen chow!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to another edishun of the sunday awards and meem show!!! i hav too speshul gests this week it is the faymus kung foo akshun stars chow yun fat and stephen chow lets giv them a big rownd of applawz!!!

well wile we ar wayting for owr speshul gests to arrive lets git started with the awards!!! ok first up is this verry speshul award wot i reeseevd frum the faymus web site dogster wot is like faysebuk only for dogs!!!

wow i am dogster rekomended!!! thanks dogster!!! if yoo wood like to be my pup pal on dogster yoo can visit me their by klikking heer!!! tucker and trixie and trouble and eeven my sister pooh bear hoo went to the bridje just after i arrived can also be fownd their!!! oh sumwun is at the door i bet it is chow yun fat and stephen chow!!!

whew i wuz wurreed their for a sekund!!! but the ninja hedjhogs arnt heer to fite me for wunse wot a releef!!! ok mooving on owr first award is the holy grail wot wuz givin owt by the purple hatter to his entire blog roll and all his faysebuk frends!!!

now as yoo ar no dowt aware the holy grail has for a long time ben in the klutches of the frentch tawnters and i am shoor that the purple hatter went to grate persunal ekspense and dayndjer to git it bak frum them wen eeven the likes of king arthur had faild so pleez all my frends tayk this award for yore own awards and meem shows!!! pink daisy this meens yoo!!! ha ha ok nekst up is the frends forever award wot wuz givvin owt by cocorues noo sister tiffy to evrywun hoo commented on her first post!!!

this is of korse another purple hatter kreayshun!!! i wood like to giv it owt to evrywun hoo has commented on any of my posts in the past week!!! oh wayt i think sumwun has just come in maybe it is my speshul gests chow yun fat and stephen chow!!!

ok nekst up is the cross kultchers poetree slash anime golfer award frum my frend dustus!!!

i wood like to aksept this on behaff of dog kultcher evryware!!! dustus gave this award to all his frends and i wil do the saym espeshly my frends wot ar both golfers and poets!!! if yoo ar a golfer and a poet yoo can tayk it twice!!! offer duz not apply to tiger woods!!! oh hang on sumwun is at the door!!!

ok nekst up is this funny horrified stare award wot i got frum my frend tooty nolan on akkownt of dada bawt wun of tooty nolans buks frum!!!

ha ha ha oh yes i am kwite yoozd to horrified stares!!! i git them frum trixie all the time!!! ok nekst up is the sweet tooth and happy blog award frum my frend alina!!!

theez awards go together on akkownt of if yoo hav a sweet tuth yoo like kupkayks!!! i wud like to pass theez along to all of my frends hoo hav a sweet tuth!!! ummm sumbuddy is at the door i bet this time it is chow yun fat and stephen chow!!!

ok nekst up is the sunshine award frum my frend amanda the soon to be not a noo yorker ennymore!!!

i am shoor yoo remember the roolz for this award it must be passd on twelv of my frends!!! i wood like to giv it to:

and finaly my frend sonic tagd me for a foto meem!!! heer ar the roolz:

1. open yore most reesent foto folder
2. select the tenth foto in the foto folder if yoo do not hav ten just pik the last wun i gess
3. post the foto and tel the storry behind it
4. tag five more peepul or dogs or kitties or rats or hamsters or goats

ok so i did that in dadas ifoto program and this is wot i fownd!!!

i think dada had ben planning to yooze this pikcher for a wurdless wensday but oh wel dada roolz ar roolz!!! now this is a pikcher tayken by dadas dada of the time dada and dadas dada and mama wer yoozing skype and dada had trouble the kitty on his lap and trouble the kitty meowd or sumthing thus kawzing dadas brothers dog hoo dadas dada and mama wer babysitting to detekt that their wuz a kitty inside the kompyooter and thus dadas brothers dog hoo is my cuzzin bella bekaym verry verry verry verry intrested in skype all of a sudden!!! ah the majik of telepresents!!! ok now i wood like to tag the following peepul or dogs or kitties or rats or hamsters or goats to also do this meem:

  1. my quality day
  2. tasneem hoo rocks
  3. the reesently reeternd frum hiatus amanda in teksas!!!
  4. pink daisy so she has a meem to go with her award!!!
  5. and brisztow jones on akkownt of i bet they wil be puppy pikchers!!!

ok wel i gess that is a rap for the sunday awards and meem show!!! and chow yun fat and stephen chow wer both no shows how rood!!! i am going to hav wurds with trixie abowt this!!! ok bye

24 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering speshul gests chow yun fat and stephen chow!!!

  1. It is a very good thing that your mama and dada are organized people. Look at all of those awards! 🙂 CONGRATS to you and all! Make it a fun week!


  2. Hello Dennis, I’m not much into the ninja and kung POO stuff, butt this may interest you… This week my mom had to hem Markthenephew’s new Gi. It was busy work for her and caused her to say some of the most unusual words. I’m just sayin’.
    Nice work on collecting all the awards. You truly do deserve them.
    I have to go to the VET tomorrow. Wish me luck.


  3. Gosh, boys! You got a lot of very nice awardies wowie.

    Thank you very much for giving me this great sunshine awardie. We do not have any sunshine today.. no sunshine = no birdies.
    Mom will be very happy to see this awardie



  4. Gosh! everybody showed up for awards day looks like. I was dizzy after reading the story behind that first photo thingie. Pictures inside of pictures and skyping and whatnot. Oh my.



  5. Whew! You guys must be Most Exhausted after your awards show with all those comings and goings and hedgehogs and Darth Vader and what not. I hopes you get a good nights sleep to recover!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. Hi, Dennis!
    When I saw the first picture, I thought you were not going to have guests and then… lots of them!
    Congratulations on your Awards!
    Kisses and hugs


  7. Holly smokes! Look at all those awards. And one for me 🙂 And none for that golfer, Woods…BOL Congratulations and thank you very much for the lovely award(s). I liked your tag too 🙂


  8. Whoa – look at all those awards – and look at all the extras who showed up to see your special guests – you had quite the Sunday meme show this week, Dennis. Bet you were exhausted after all that.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  9. Wow! Dennis we better get busy! Momma has been busy, and now we need to do a big awards and memememem show! Also mommma wants to know if Darth is single, she thinks he is cute and has cool toys…..


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