36 thoughts on “Best In Show

  1. Mango says:

    Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. I think that if you want to be a champ you will have to lighten up on the snackies. I was sure that Dennis was in the UK. Is there a better looking vizsla in the whole world? (Sorry, Tucker, but you are a bit, er, over the hill).

    We are pig biting mad that we missed it. Just couldn’t figure out when / where it was on the cable box. Drat!



  2. I’m transfixed by the paranormal stacking that’s taking place on top of your TV…and your variety of bowls. Also, I was a dog handler back in the day and could NEVER wear heels like that woman with the black fuzz ball.

    That Yogi is smarter than your average Visla, it seems. (Ha! I made a joke!)


  3. I don’t see the Beautiful Trixie eating those snacks, or Dennis eating them, just Tucker putting them away. Does he ever get sick from stuffing himself???

    Did a Vizsla really win Crofts? Hard to imagine over there in Englishpointerville.



  4. Do your dogs actually watch television?
    I’ve heard that some dogs will do that.
    My dog ignores it.
    She chases spots on the wall though.
    Whenever the sun comes out we have to shut the blinds or she’ll claw a hole right through the sheetrock!


  5. Ditto on the paranormal stacking on the TV! WHen I saw your title I thought for sure you were going to mention the streaker that crashed the show! I suppose that was edited out of the televised version or was it live? Did you see it? We only heard about it from Nigel Buggars (Life With Dogs) on Facebook!


  6. Tony says:

    I am voting for the paranormal stacking on top of the TV too. It’s very skilfully done.
    BTW for some reason the photos on your blog always take a long time to load. Just sayin’


  7. Sammie says:

    Nom nom nom indeed! Can I watch that on TV with y’all next year? Furry interesting, but… snacks look pawsome heheheh!
    Hugs xo


  8. Ludo says:

    BOL! Dennis! The best dog really did win. I voted for Yogi. Not that you gets to vote but you know. Did you watch the flyballing?
    ~lickies, Ludo


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