38 thoughts on “On The Importance Of Specifications

  1. That shrink gun could be on the moon. If Trouble is going to make Trixie go through a change request process, Tucker better find a thimble to sleep in because he will be small for a long long time.


    P.S. Got your card!


  2. If I didn’t know betters, I would bark that Trouble did that on purpose. But kittehs don’t lie. Do they?

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Pleeeeze don’t step on Tucker!


  3. It sounds like smoke and mirrors to me…
    Trouble, you better figure out how to get your brother back to normal size
    Don’t you have the ownership booklet?



  4. For once you guys may have the solution to our country’s problems. Use the shrinky-dink thing on all the uncooperative politicians and bingo, troubles are over.



  5. Wooos! Just goes to show, woo cn never trust cats or the government! Tucker better be careful he does not get Hoovered!


  6. BOL It fell into the right hands BOL some more. Did Tucker specify size, really? I don’t remember. I think Trouble is right for once


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