In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Having accidentally missed the launch of our own shuttle, it had seemed as if there was no chance we would be able to save the earth from the giant asteroid on a collision course; but, at the last moment and at great expense, we were able to procure a replacement ship, the Orca, piloted by my old friend Quint’s brother, Quad. The earth now has a second chance, and we must make the most of it!

Quad’s Saran-wrapped seagoing vessel proves to be surprisingly space-worthy. Once we are out of the atmosphere, it is smooth sailing through the glassy waters of space; Quad takes advantage of the lull in activity to have a well-earned break.

Suddenly we come within sight of the runaway shuttle. We cannot lose this opportunity to reunite with our ship and its payload of Pop Rocks and soda, and Commander Stamper gives the order to go full-throttle. Unfortunately Quad has forgotten to secure himself to the ship, and the sudden acceleration causes him to fly overboard!

And suddenly we are without our pilot! Who now will perform the delicate maneuvers required to get us close enough to board the shuttle? Surprisingly, the answer is found below decks, in the ship’s disco.

Striker takes the wheel of the Orca and guides us toward our goal; but just as it appears to be within our reach, a barrage of meteorites threatens to destroy both the Orca and the shuttle!

Striker begins evasive maneuvers and I man the anti-meteorite guns, but the pressure takes its toll!

But just when it looks as if all is lost (again), someone has the presence of mind to press the “pause” button, and we are saved.

We finally rendezvous with our wayward shuttle, and now we can at last proceed to our true objective: Using our payload of Pop Rocks and soda to destroy that mammoth asteroid that threatens to obliterate the earth. There’s just one complication …

So it seems the asteroid is in fact the size of Alaska rather than Texas; and we are here in space with all the Pop Rocks on earth crammed into our hold. We can only hope that it will be enough to destroy the asteroid, despite its mammoth increase in size. It will have to be — and if not, we will find another way to save the world — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

27 thoughts on “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

  1. Yikes… as big as that place where they have the I DID A ROD place????
    This is just tooo much drama. I need a Nap.. No Sound in space… how will we know when to run from Gunther without hearing the warning PHARRRRRRRRT sound??


  2. Oh, I Most Hate it when these episodes come to an end. I always feel like I’m hanging off a cliff or somethings. I think I better go have a snack to calms my nerves.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. I hope besides pop rocks, you guys also have fire crackers, they are usually good for this kind of thing.

    So, who was the guy in the John Travolta suit?



  4. As long as we have you to count on to save the world…let the darn thing grow. I will still sleep like a baby knowing it’s Dennis to the Rescue! Thanks bud


  5. Love the spaceboat. Good thing Striker’s flying a ‘ship, since he’s never flown a “multi engine” craft before! “I’ve got to concentrate…concentrate…” Oh Dennis, we know you’ll all save the world heheh!
    xo Sammie


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