its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest yogi the vizsla dog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to another instalment of the sunday awards and meem show!!! this week feetchering the faymus vizsla dog yogi hoo wun at crufts this yeer!!! welkum yogi!!!

hmm their is sumthing not kwite rite about yogi the vizsla dog but i cannot put my paw on it i wil try to figger it owt meentime heer is owr first item it is a meem sort of!!! gentle ben the golden retreiver is running an event are if yoo go leev a comment on this post wot sez ben rocks he wil giv wun dollar to homeward bownd retreever reskyew he has 79 comments alreddy witch is almost but not kwite wun comment per yeer of trouble the kittys age in hyooman yeerz he is going to giv up to 250 dollars so their is stil plenty of rum for more comments!!! ok now i hav realized that this so calld yogi the vizsla is in fakt not a vizsla but is a bear of sum sort!!! hay we dont aksept imposter gests arownd heer yogi bear!!! away with yoo!!! and now welkum the reel yogi!!!

ok nekst is the awesome dog blog award kreated by the purple hatter for all his dog blog frends!!!

if yoo ar a dog feel free to tayk this award becuz all dogs ar awsum!!! eeven tucker!!! ok now it has come to my attenshun that this new yogi wot i had on the show wuz not in fakt yogi the vizsla dog but wuz insted sum sort of holy persun so i hav sent him home now i hav a noo yogi and i am shoor this is the rite wun this time!!! i can tel he is a vizsla dog on akkownt of he has a ball and neepads!!!

ha ha ha that is the sort of gud advice i wud ekspekt frum a crufts champyon vizsla dog!!! and finaly so as not to leev owt the kitties weve got the you rock award frum owr frends the furry kids!!!

as yoo can see this is a pikcher of a mowntin wot luks like a sleeping kitty so pleez all my kitty frends tayk this award becuz i no how yoo like to sleep!!! ok and thats a rap for this week!!!  ok bye

23 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest yogi the vizsla dog!!!

  1. So, Dennis, how long did it take you to notice the first speaker, Yogi Bear, was not Yogi the Vizsla dog?

    I am a big fan of Yogi Berra though, but the other Yogi I am not familiar with (or his language . . .could that be Khyraese written down?)

    Nice show, though, its always interesting at your place.



  2. Dennis my mom has had to start reading your bloggie in a PLASTIC CHAIR. I don’t quite understand all of it, butt it has to do with not being able to afford a new ‘cliner chair and her refusing to blame ME (Frankie Furter) for the big wet place that smells funny.
    Well, any way… I loved your bloggie today. Not so much the BARE Yogi or the Weird talking one with all the holeys in him, butt the catcher Yogi is pretty grrreat. I’m just sayin.


  3. Have nothin’ clever to say, but just love all the meem and award shows!!! This one rocks (speaking of Ben and also that great kitty award which we also all love! Congrats!
    Big Hugs xo


  4. My mom loves the first Yogi. She even named one of our dalmatians after BooBoo and even says it in a weird funny voice. Hey, Boo-BOO! Not so sure about the other yogis.

    love & wags,


  5. Congratulations, Dennis and I don’t know what else to say at the moment. My little head is swimming with information trying to decipher the cryptic comment you left me today


  6. Attn: Dennis, We have taken the “You Rock” award because, obviously, we do. Tell Trouble she should get a gold plated award for living with you and the other big clumsy dogs what step on her. That is all. ~Evil Fred & George Bofur


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