its the wide wide wurld of munday morning flyball!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel yoo may hav notisd that in yesterdays sunday awards and meem show tucker wuz full sized that is on akkownt of it wuz filmd before he got all shrunk becuz i noo i wood not be home to film it on sunday on akkownt of yoo gessd it flyball!!!!

yes thats rite their wuz another flyball turnamint up in the mithical sitty of ramona wot is naymd after the faymus ramona the brave frum the buks by joodi bloom unfortchoonatly joodi bloom wuz not in attendanse however their wuz a speshul gest it wuz my brother scooter!!! he stoppd by the event to visit me we hadnt seen eetch other in over two yeerz sinse beeing reskyewd frum the canyon!!!

my ekstreem dog senses tel me sumwun is luking at me
i think sumwun is following me
hmm yoo luk familyar
hmm yoo smel familyar too
ok i am shoor of it now yoo ar a vizsla dog!!!

so that wuz the joyus reeyoonyun porshun of the event!!! i dont hav mutch viddyo of the event on akkownt of i wuz bizzy raysing and raysing and raysing but i no how evrywun luvs a behind the seens luk at the competitors so heer yoo go!!!

"i am retired but i stil like to root for the teem!"
"is it my tern yet? how abowt now? now? now? wot abowt now?"
"zee ball -- it calls to me!!!"
"its not a warm pig belly for my aching feet but it wil do!!!"
"foolish bal!!! you cannot eskayp the jaws of nico!!!"

hay we hav gawn far too long withowt a pikcher of me!!! mom!!!

"wen yoo ar cool the sun shines on yoo twenty fore seven!!!"

ok bak to the behind the seens candid shots!!!

"froot bat??? i hav no ideea wot yoo ar tawking abowt!!!"
"why do yoo keep calling me 'pickles'???"
"dood!!! agin with the sniffing??? its gitting a littel bit creepy!!!"
"wot??? i wuznt doing ennything!!!"
"why yes, i *AM* the kyootest thing yoov ever seen!!!"
"notiss how the shadows hilite my siks pak abs!!!"

so as yoo can see flybal is a game for dogs of all shayps and sizes and levels of kyootness!!! ok bye

40 thoughts on “its the wide wide wurld of munday morning flyball!!!

  1. Your brother is kind of a stalker, huh. Great day for you tennis chasing dogs. Thanks for being considerate and not making us go too many photos in between shots of your handsome six pack self.


    P.S. Momma was having trouble getting “in the groove” at the work place but now that she has read your bloggy I think she is good to go.


  2. Seeing as I am kinda new and all, I didn’t knows you were into flyball! You are Most Athletic! My favorite doggies (besides you) were that brindle pop-eyed dog, that dog with those Most Magnificent ears, and that other dog that kinda looked like my Brudder Ranger.

    Sure looks like it was fun, Dennis! (And thanks for clearing up the thing about Tucker bein’ full-sized. I was kinda confused about that.)

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Its good to see a game that is available to dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors. I bet that last little cute one is wicked on the course!



  4. Ehy Dennis……this game looks sooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!
    We think here in Italy we haven’t it!!!!
    Sigh sigh…..we would like a lot playing it with you!!!!!

    Your bros looks exactly like you!!!!!
    We love family reunion!!!!!!!!!!

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee……say hello to your bros from us!!!!!
    And we send you tons of kisses and licks!!!!


  5. I’m thinkin that you must be the BIG brother and that the Little Brother is being the typical butt sniffing pest thingy. It was grrreat that you got to see him again. Nice ball playing and ASSorted other activities. hehehe


  6. Hi Dennis, how cool to meet your brother! There were some lovely dogs there but none as handsome as you Dennis.
    We both fainted when we saw your six pack! We loved the shades too – do you have a car?
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  7. Hi Dinnis!! I am so glad to come to your blog today! I really like all of your friends.
    that doggie with the eyeballs that look like they might fall out, he looks really fun and nice and peppy too. Pickles is very nice too. You have a lot of great friends.
    You are soo cool that you can go out and do stuff like this. What a great day!



  8. Hi Dennis, this is Mabel, the canine from the Rattie Crew…You are right there are many different levels of kyootness!! But I think you are the kyootest! Actually, I think you are very handsome. Ok, mum says I have to stop flirting, it’s not proper. Bye!


  9. Wooos Dennis! I will not let Scampi see this posting as it may become not the thing woo want to see…..


  10. Loved the photos and the funny captions, at least the ones I understood. BOL This post should have come with a warning about the excessive cuteness…


  11. Bwaaaa ha ha ha! Not a pig belly, but will have to do!

    Dennis, you are one handsome dude! No wonder your brother was obsessed with sniffing you. I’m surprised you don’t walk around sniffing yourself all the time!



  12. I was a little threatened by your majestic good looks. THEN, THEN – I started seeing double – you and your bro must be chick magnets.


  13. Dunno about those tennis balls – I like them half eaten and at least left for 4 weeks in the park. That’s when they are really cool! I made it my mission to find them all… My hooman calls it cleaning the park. 🙂
    Slobbers Master T.


  14. Oh my God, Dennis – that photo of you with the sunglasses…!!! 😆

    Love those photos of you chilling out with your brother. And also the rest of the flyball team!

    And my human LOVES the Ramona books!! Although she always wondered what “Fig Newtons” actually were… Her favourite story is the one where Ramona sits in the basement and takes 1 bite out of each apple and ruins the whole box – and when asked why, she says “Because the 1st bite tastes best”…so true!!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane


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