Careful What You Wish For

Later …

But Suddenly …

28 Comments on “Careful What You Wish For

  1. Yet again! In the wrong place at the wrong time! Glad I checked in for this particularly distressing episode – hope the man in the hat will chase the blackguard down! Will be thinking of you, Tucker.
    Hugs xo


  2. I think the outfit he’s wearing may be a clue to his character. Or he’s trying to look fat.


  3. That purse snatcher sure blends in! Nobody would notice him at all. I see his sledgehammer, but where’s his ball and chain?
    BTW, Mama eats at McDonalds, when you have In-n-Out burgers there??


  4. Why did we just know that this trip to the Scottish restaurant was going to have a bad ending?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  5. The trip to the Scottish Restaurant all sounded grrrreat UNTIL… Everything went to Cat Crap. YIKES!!!


  6. Is that the Hamburglar? I thoughts he only stole hamburgers. Why is he stealing that purse? It doesn’t match his stripey outfit at ALL! I hope Tucker bites him with his itty bitty teeths.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  7. Looks like Tucker is going on a little trip. I love that fancy scottish place; especially the drive thru window. Yummers!


    P.S. I kind of like the adventures of wee Tucker.


  8. So, should we rename him Tiny Tucker? Does this mean that one french fry will fill him up? Oh…so many questions.


  9. Oh No Tucker!!! Now stay calm – moms always have things in their handbag you could use as weapons! He might just take money and credit cards and then throw you away with the bag Tucker!
    Oh dear but where will he throw you…………………


  10. Yegads! Foiled by the Hamburgler! I wonder if Tucker is going to meet up with that little chihuahua now that they’re the same size!


  11. BOL Poor Tucker! Maybe this act of thievery will work out for him though.
    We’re just gonna have to wait and see.


  12. LOL I find it hilarious the cast you have assembled for a Mickey D’s scene. Makes for an awesome cartoon background too. have an awesome day!


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