31 thoughts on “Get On The Bus

  1. Trixie, you’re pretty in that blonde wig but I thinks I prefer your natural color. And whatever you do, don’t let that human pet you. He looks Most Shifty.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  2. Thats definitely Nick Nolte, I’d know him anywhere. However, Dennis, I hope you don’t wind up giving Trixie to him if he will appear on your Awards and Meme show. Don’t do it!!!



  3. You guys had better find Mama’s purse, before things get worse… Nick Nolte could try to take you both home with him! You don’t want that!!!


  4. It’s the wig, Trixie, but I’m not sure why Dennis is passing out your phone number. Dang, so we can’t solve this one today. I’ll just have to hand tight … poor Tucker!


  5. Dennis
    I love youw knee pads..but what’s up wif that tewwibull discwimination..I don’t undewstand hoomans at all and tell Twixie, that that guy is a loosew and she’s much too pwetty fow him..hope you find youw mom’s puwse
    smoochie kisses


  6. please Don’t Trust the hooman and Dennis, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!……passing out Trixie’s phone number BOL!

    get your Tails out of There!!!!!!!!!

    pee ess: mumster laughed till she cried with your “……as small as Tucker after he got shrunk by trouble…”


  7. I was a creepy guy on the train once & I didn’t even have groucho glasses on. Move seats Trixie he looks shifty to me, never talk to shifty looking blokes, especially shifty looking blokes in outlandish t-shirts


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