32 thoughts on “I Can Has Multitasking?

  1. Nick Nolte wants to MARRY the beautiful Trixie! Trixie would never allow that, she has scruples! Oh, I hope she gets out of this one, Dennis, and if she doesn’t you are going to be very, very sorry!



  2. Gosh, they have Stolen Purses Apps on hphones…iphones…whatever? Is there anything at all they can’t do??

    The guy behind the arches creeps me out lots. Run, Trixie, RUN!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Ditch that guy. I don’t think he will be much help. I suspect he will become paralyzed from all that multitasking.


    P.S. Watch your back Trixie.


  4. Hope they find Tucker and the purse soon! I wonder how Trouble is taking all of this?? She’s probably still in the sunbeam… snickering! “Trixie… look out for that Nick Nolte… tell him to get lost!


  5. I learned on Jeopardy, just last night, that H.G. coined the term “Cold War!” Maybe he also came up with “tweeting” and “facebook apps?”


  6. Mama says good luck getting anywhere with Mr. Wells until he is thru with that game called Bejewelled…it like, sucks you into a time vortex!!



  7. Dennis! I was thinking about you today!! Hope you had a wonderful week! hPhone…hmmmmm…sounds fishy to me… BOL!!

    Have a super duper weekend!!

    Licks from me!!



  8. Dennis – I have never been a big fan of graphic novels, stories, or even comics. But yours is pretty entertaining!

    And yes Lavenderbay, the reasons do keep piling up. Although I am not sure you should ever use the word pile or any of its variations around a dog blog.


  9. Extraordinary technology. Trixie really looks quite vivacious with that stunning hairstyle. Unfortunately Dennis you don’t, you just look like a dork in your Groucho glasses


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