their baaaaaack!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay we has visitterz!!!

amazingly enuf despite my efferts to roo and friten them off they just kame inside and mayd themselvs at home!!! i dont now how this wil affekt my ongoing operayshuns sutch as trying to defeet the gofers and finding the missing purse and sayving the wurld form the asteroyd and ketching up on visitting my frends but we wil see!!!

"We're number one! We're number one!"
"People! Oh boy!"
"There had best be treats in one of those bags."
Joyous Reunion!
The windup ...
Swing and a miss!

hmm i gess theez visitters ar not so skarry after all!!!

ok bye

34 thoughts on “their baaaaaack!!!

  1. What a great post! That looks like a house we would love to visit – such a welcome! We loved the final video clip where everyone was bringing toys etc. How could anyone not be pleased to visit! Dogs are just sooo welcoming!


  2. Dennis, these intruders look pretty nice. I would… if I were you, just stay on alert.
    They try to subdue you with the pressies even, huh? well, they are nice pressies. I like those new toys.
    The people look gentle and safe. Yeah, I think they are nice.

    I love you fishie aquarium you have in your house.


  3. Oh yay – visitors! We LOVE visitors! Well, we love any excuse to work ourselves into a state of frantic excitement, he he! Love the tail waggage in the video clip – we felt the joy! And inspired choice of music too, if we may humbly say, he he! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  4. I love the last video with the music and the Dennis and the yellow toy. This is exactly what happens at my house every day with Clover no matter if I leave the house for just a few minutes or go off to work. LOL.


  5. man, i would love to meet ONE dog owner who wasn’t intimatley familiar with that famous “arrooooooo” charge greeting at guests every day. sigh. i have one of “those” greeters. can you guess which one it is??


  6. Hey Dennis! I liked your CHARGE! Most fierce for sure.

    What’s up in the last movie? You remind me of peewee. He also runs around cracker dog with a toy when there is excitement. Me? I go right for smoochies like Trixie.



  7. I laughed so hard at that last video. Reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock movie with the quick cameos. And Dennis, you have good taste in music.


  8. What a great greeting you all had for your guests -looks like you are all pretty happy with their arrival. Hope you got lots of treats while they were there.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  9. What was that horrific background noise in the 1st video? Did you have a formula one event in your neighbourhood???
    Trixie’s lens cleaning method was very effective, I could definitely notice a clearer picture afterwards.


  10. Pawesome fluffy tail and pantyloons Trixie!

    Your greeting moves are just like mine!

    I will admit that open door at a Thin Lizzy song RUNNING thru my head!



  11. Very nice roo ing! You can never be too careful! It could have been anyone! I love your duck and glad the visitors brought doggie goodness with them!


  12. Hi Dennis – so sorry I haven’t visited in ages! Wow – how exciting that you’ve got visitors! You sure gave them a big welcome – all of you! 😀

    Am off to catch up on your other posts now!

    Honey the Great Dane


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