its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest conan obrien!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav taken my frend stellas advice and hav begun reetching owt to selebritteez wot ar between jobs at the moment in hopes of gitting better responses to my offers to gest host the sunday awards and meem show and it seems to be wurking becuz luk at the fish wot i hav landed this week!!! pleez welkum speshul gest host conan obrien!!!

ha ha wow conan yoo shoor ar a lot bigger in persun then yoo ar on televizhun!!! all rite now first i wood like to let evrywun no abowt an event wot my frend twinkie is running its the global animal blogging event event!!!

klik on the link or the pikcher to lern more!!! ok on to the awards!!! first is the sunshine award frum my frends at boo-bahs little sunshine!!!

now akkording to the roolz of this award it must be passd along to twelv others wot bring sunshine i am pretty shoor just abowt evrywun i no has alreddy gotten this award so i hav deesided to hand it owt at randum!!! bring in the big weel!!!

and the big weel sez the sunshine award goes to:

ok nekst up is the cerebral hart award frum my frend the jingle yanqui!!!

this award wuz kreayted by owr frend dustus!!! dustus attachd no roolz to this award so i wood like to pass it to my frend daisy the dog for her awards show!!!

ok mooving on its the golden cup award frum my frend quizz!!!

ha ha luk at that shiny gold cup!!! luks just like an emmy award eh conan obrien???

i wood like to pass this award on to —

ummmm i gess i wil pass it along to conan obrien or to ennywun wot thinks they can tayk it away frum him!!! ok mooving on we hav the byootiful blogger award frum the op pack!!!

now the roolz for this award ar yoo must tel seven byootiful fakts abowt wunself and then pass it along to seven byootiful frends!!! now we all no hoo is the byootiful wun arownd heer so tayk it away trixie!!!

thank you dennis. hello everyone, this is the beautiful trixie. here are seven beautiful facts about me.

  1. i am black on the outside but brown underneath, and when dada brushes me with the undercoat rake brown fur goes everywhere
  2. my tongue is pink and purple
  3. i am a beautiful jumper and used to be able to clear the back of the couch from a standing start
  4. my pantyloons are curly
  5. i have markings on my paws and a short nose like a rottweiler but as far as i know i am not part rottweiler
  6. i have a really thick ruff and pointy ears like a tervuren
  7. the very tips of my ears curve down

ha ha thanks trixie!!! now to pass this along to seven frends owt comes the weel of fortchoon agin!!!

ok nekst up is the happy 101 award frum teal’c down under!!!

at this point i think evrywun heer has listed their things wot mayk them happy so i wood like to ask conan obrien to tell us wot mayks him happy!!! tayk it away conan obrien!!!

ha ha ummmmm ok ennyway we wood like to pass this award along to the following frends selekted by the weel of fortchoon!!!

ok nekst up we wer tagd by owr frend hero to open owr first foto folder and tayk the tenth foto and post it and tel the story behind it!!! heer is owr foto!!!

now this is a foto of me at flyball praktiss!!! i wil be posting more abowt flyball praktiss soon so stay toond!!! in the meentime i wil tag the following five frends!!!

ok and last but not leest is the red heel award kreayted for me speshul by the purple hatter just before he went on hiaytus!!!

hay conan wot do yoo think of that award???

as per the purple hatters roolz this award goes owt to all my frends wot ar ladeez!!! hay conan obrien enny parting wurds for owr fans???

ummmm ok i gess thats a rap!!! ok bye

28 Comments on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest conan obrien!!!

  1. OMG that was funny! That image of Arnold next to the wheel is hilarious! Congrats to everyone. Awesome award show!


  2. Oh, just when I think the Sunday Awards and Meme show can’t get any better, it does! I find myself glad that you got this Conan instead of the other one. Dennis, you always make us smile!


  3. Once again, I wish to say CONGRATS to you all for a job well done! Thank you ALL for the many smiles you bring to our faces! 🙂 Happy Sunday!


  4. Dennis, how many awards were there? I lost track. I kept scrolling up and down and down and up…Was that really Red Sonia? Why was she called Maria then? Congratulations on all the excellent well deserved awards and thank you for spreading the word for GABE. Oh, tell Trixie thank you for all the information. I didn’t know some of the facts about her.


  5. of course you know that i’m not worthy of such a high honor but i do thank you for the acknowledgement!!


  6. Speaking of awards… Congratulations Dennis for breaking into the top 10 commentators on my site! You now have a permanent link in the sidebar. Or permanent as long as you don’t let some other dog overtake you! There is a lot of competition at the bottom of the list. But up at the top where Anna is at 345 comments and Bob and Steve are at @ 180 the listing is safe. Oh, sorry Dennis, I did not mean for that to sound like a challenge or anything. hehe.


  7. Wowzers – congrats on all those awards, Dennis. Great guest host today, but we would challenge Arnold to let us see him dressed like that today:)

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  8. Hai Dennis! Oh wow dat was grate! So hey now I’s gots to get mom to get off her lazy butt and post dis. I fink I may has to do sum stuffie tearin up again to gets sum attention on dis.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  9. I always love coming here because I always leave laughing. What a lot of awards!! Congratulations!!!!
    From all of us
    at Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines


  10. Woooos! Congrats on all of those awards, but Conan was a riot! Loved him, woo need to do that wheel of fortune each time. Dennis’ new game show!


  11. Gosh, getting kicked off his show was prolly the bestest thing that ever happened to Conan O’Brien. I almost didn’t recognize him.

    I am always Most Confused and yet oddly happy after I watch your awardie show, Dennis.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  12. BOL… you really know how to brighten up a dull start top the week. Congrats, Dennis.

    Licks, hero


  13. Excellent, Dennis, I never even thought of Conan the Barbarian. You hardly ever see Arnold in his Barbarian outfit anymore. Quite a coup for you, Dennis. I think you are on the right track here with has-been celebrities. Lindsay Lohan, step right up! Hayley Mills, step right up! Tom Jones, step right up!



  14. Umm…. I think you might have gotten the wrong Conan; that one looks an awful lot like the governor of California…. But an excellent choice nonetheless! Congratulations on all the cool awards!

    *kissey face*


  15. Conan has bulked up in his spare time!

    Thank you for the beautiful award. I will polish it and not put it on my bathroom shelf!!


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