hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo no wot the best thing is abowt having howsgests??? more peepul to play fetch with!!!

verry sporty eh??? lets go to the instant replay!!!

“so fat yello chikkin yoo think yoo can eskayp!!!”
“but now we see that yoo ar rong!!!”
“so fat yello chikkin yoo agin think yoo can eskayp!!!!”
“but wunse agin we see that yoo ar rong!!!”
“heer i think yoo dropd this”
“advansd tail kownterwaiting tekneek!!!”

so yoo see howsgests can be fun!!! now i am glad i didnt skayre them off with my rooing!!!! ha ha ok bye

40 Comments on “fetch!!!

  1. I saw a dog that looked like Dennis this weekend running around in a park. And I thought, there’s a Vizsla dog! It was interesting, because I had no idea what it was called before your blog. I would have just said there’s a “hound doggie!”


  2. Good job training them, Dennis! How long did it take? Sometimes humans can be awfully slow to figures stuff out.

    Wiggles & Wags,


    • Oops! That comment was supposed to be on the one with the house guests arriving and you running back and forth across the camera. *sigh*


  3. Fetch seems pretty pointless to me. But if that’s what floats your boat, go for it.



  4. Dennis, if you decided to sell those, you could make a killing! Every dog would want one!

    Where did you get that most awesome duck?



  5. Look at you go!!! Charlie has never done that. What nice peoples to play with you. Spectacular action shots!


  6. Have you ever thought about being a human trainer Dennis?? I think you be pretty pawesome at it!



  7. dogs are great entertainment especially ones that will consistently retrieve!! my black lab django has a ducky too but more like a mallard style.


  8. looks like you were playing flyduck! Very cool! Momma had company this weekend but it was booooring! They just sat around gabbin!


  9. Wow, a dog that looks a lot like me! But playing fetch? I never understood, if my mom and dad wanted the ball why did they throw it away in the first place. Seems kind of silly. I’m new to this whole bloggie thing but it’s great to see there are others kinda like me!

    Enjoy your games!

    Mr. Nubbin’


  10. You sure like playing fetch! Uriah likes to run after his toys, then he gets tired he trys to dig up a rabbit instead. Beautiful, beautiful dog!!


  11. Brilliant mid-air catch Dennis, very well executed. I am just thoroughly amazed that that (double word anomaly) stuffie is still in one piece.


  12. Can’t you hand it to them? All your guests will leave with a backache


  13. Wow, Dennis – I never realised you were so athletic and – um, so acrobatic!! 😆 And I LOVE your yellow ducky stuffie! It looks so soft and lovely – just the kind of thing to play fetch with!

    Looks like you’re having a brilliant time with your visitors!

    Honey the Great Dane


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