Hot Pursuit

And Then …

Shortly Thereafter …

27 Comments on “Hot Pursuit

  1. Trixie, I hope Dennis doesn’t send you on a detour to Soul Train now! I have a feeling those hPhones aren’t going to catch on, but you never know…


  2. Trixie, I am a bit ashamed to tell you, butt you look like a doofus. You gotta get that look updated. I’m just sayin’. Dennis… get her some HELP quick!!! OK?


  3. I am glad to see you guys are still having a good time while I have been gone. I will have to go back and see what in the heck you all are doing!


  4. Its Nick Nolte after the Beautiful Trixie that I am worried about. What if he follows you home and knows where she lives. Maybe once she loses the wig, he won’t recognize her.

    I don’t know why Dennis can’t keep you out of trouble!



  5. the wig and nick nolte sighting was really funny. you put such effort into entertaining us and we are better bloggers because of it!!


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