we interrupt wurdless wensday to bring yoo the story of brownie baby the vizsla dog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no normaly this wood be wurdless wensday but i thawt that insted i wood tel yoo abowt a story i fownd wile i wuz googling myself oh come on yoo no yoo google yorself too!!! it is almost as mutch fun as likking yorself!!! ennyway the story i fownd wuz abowt a vizsla dog hoo wuz running loose in the mithical land of upstayt noo york for over too yeerz!!! yoo can reed all abowt her heer but the jist of the story is that brownie baby the vizsla dog had been a stray owt in the wilds neer the mithical sitty of albany for yeerz and yeerz wow she mayks me luk like a piker all rite!!! she wuz captchoord at leest wunse before and she eskaypd over a seven fut fense the verry saym nite witch is verry impressiv mad ninja vizsla dog skilz i cud probly yooze her in the battel aginst the ninja hedjhogs!!! the story has menny pikchers in the foto gallery and in sum of them espeshly number six she reminds me of me wen i wuz reskyewd!!! only she has more fur after over too yeerz then i did wots that abowt?!?!?! how long wuz i owt in that canyun ennyway??? the wurld may never no!!!

mama and dada ar sending them sum green papers apparently they ar not set up to tayk donayshuns online but akkording to the artikul donayshuns to help rehabilitayt brownie baby can be sent to: Shaker Veterinary Hospital, c/o Brownie Baby, 223 Maxwell Road, Latham, NY 12110

ok now that i mayd yoo sit thru all that heer is a wurdless retro wensday pikcher i cal it watch ware yoo ar sniffing!!!!

of korse trixie is alpha so she gits to snif warever she wants to!!! ha ha ok bye