29 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Garage

  1. It’s gonna take a ginormous pooper scooper….
    Hey have you been to the GABE blogs to sign up for all the pressie giveaways??? I want to win EVERYTHING!!


  2. LOL….

    Sorry Dennis, Mama can’t write right now…she can’t stop laughing…something about not even seeing that one coming…

    Happy Friday Smileys!


  3. Can you adjust the output of that shrink ray? I need to lose 60 pounds and the Shampoo-in Fat Remover (SIFR) hasn’t yet been released for sale to the public.


  4. Is Tucker stepping on the Mercedes salesman or Nick Nolte? Like between Tucker’s toes? Yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

    The icky factor of this blog just took a giant leap skyward!



  5. So that wasn’t a tree trunk??!! OMD great news for Trixie, but not so great for Tucker. Now what?


  6. From weensy teensy to super monster dog in one flick of a ray gun switch. Will he ever be normal again??? Imagine the size of the doggy poos he will leave around the yard….


  7. Revenge of the 50 foot Vizsla! One must be specific whilst talking to cats. Good you got rid of Nick Nolte. He’s just bad news.


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