Saturday Vacation Video: Is It Noon Again Already?

27 Comments on “Saturday Vacation Video: Is It Noon Again Already?

  1. You know how they say “it’s a dog’s life?” Change that to “cat” and you’ll be right.


  2. Okay. That should be in the dictionary beside ‘contentment’ and ‘bliss’. AMAZING! Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  3. BOL!!!- that’s just how our mom looks at noon!!
    Huh,?? Oh,OK. she says we have to say she works till midnight, so there. But, she still looks like that, at NOON!
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie


  4. I am inspired to do the same! Thanks!


    P.S. You tell Tucker if he needs any tips on getting around as a giant dog, then Mango is the source.


  5. At first I guessed Debussy’s “Afternoon of a Lawn”, but E.g. informed me it’s Grieg’s “Very, Very Late Morning Mood.”


  6. I was all ready for something exciting to happen…
    Who could believe that this calm placid cat could hatch all those sinister plots???
    The twist & roll over was kinda cute.

    Dixie Says: I am ov the undastanding ov kats that wen they wag thair tayl slow lyk that they are having evool thorts, yoo 3 doggys betta woch becorz owt yoo never no wot trouble Trouble myt be planning


  7. i liked this a lot! perfect musical accompaniment. i am so glad a dog didn’t come running out to spoil to relaxation!


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