27 thoughts on “Saturday Vacation Video: Is It Noon Again Already?

  1. Okay. That should be in the dictionary beside ‘contentment’ and ‘bliss’. AMAZING! Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  2. I am inspired to do the same! Thanks!


    P.S. You tell Tucker if he needs any tips on getting around as a giant dog, then Mango is the source.


  3. I was all ready for something exciting to happen…
    Who could believe that this calm placid cat could hatch all those sinister plots???
    The twist & roll over was kinda cute.

    Dixie Says: I am ov the undastanding ov kats that wen they wag thair tayl slow lyk that they are having evool thorts, yoo 3 doggys betta woch becorz owt yoo never no wot trouble Trouble myt be planning


  4. i liked this a lot! perfect musical accompaniment. i am so glad a dog didn’t come running out to spoil to relaxation!


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