dizneeland ekspozd!!! aka the most crowdedest playse on erth!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i am afrayd yoo may hav ben misled by toozdays post wot sed i wuz going to dizneeland becuz as it terns owt mama and dada and there mama and dada and auntie and frends went to dizneeland and left me home alone!!! it terns owt dizneeland duznt allow dogs other then pluto and goofy and posibly peg leg peet i am not shoor wot he is and meenwile dizneeland is overrun with rodents sutch owtrayjus diskriminayshun!!! why i wood kleen that playse rite up!!! and i wil bet that is why i am not allowd to go their becuz i hav rayded dadas kamra and diskuverd verry disterbing informayshun abowt the so calld happiest or shud i say most crowdedest playse on erth!!!

ok first this is wot yoo see wen yoo first enter dizneeland:

i am pritty shoor baysd on dadas pikchers that their wer in fakt at leest five hunnerd millyun peepul their that day in fakt i think that estimat may be a littel low!!! nekst as wun goze under the bridj to akchooally enter main street diznee wun sees this plack:

this is kleerly a referense to the doghowse of justiss witch i yooze to go to yesterday and tomorrow however their is no fantasy involvd it is all dedly seeryus!!! just like the top seekret mishun of dizneeland is dedly seeryus!!! oh just wayt for the horrors yet to be reveeld!!! ok heer is main street diznee ware yoo can see just a fyoo of the five hunnerd millyun peepul wot ar beeing kept prizoner within the wals of the most crowdedest playse on erth:

and wot is at the end of main street diznee yoo ask??? why it is a very nice statchoo of walt and mickey:

i wonder wot walt is saying to mickey??? i wil bet it is sumthing like this:

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis i am thinking yoo ar thinking in a paranoyd fashun but am i???? am i reely???? lets tayk a luk at the main diznee fortress shall we???

oh it is like a fairytale cassel isnt it??? lets tayk a closer luk!!!

hmmm if i am not mistayken the cassel is garded by rodent gargoyls!!! lets zoom in eeven closer!!!

yes their can be no dowt abowt it!!! this fortified cassel is the central hub of the vast rodent konspirasee!!! and not only that but it is ekwippd with antennas wot broadcast diznees mind control thawt wayvs across the five hunnerd millyun prizoners!!!

but wayt their is mutch mutch more going on heer at the most crowdedest playse on erth!!! but before we moov on to that let us tayk a kwik luk at the faymus matterhown mowntin:

as yoo can see the matterhorn is in fakt a jiant sheep mayd owt of rock and ice!!!

it is coverd with snow on akkownt of its enormusly hi elevayshun of like forty feet brrrrr!!!! the air shoor must be thin up their!!! ok mooving on we see the jiant wale monstro!!!

wot is monstro doing heer yoo ask??? wel monstro is heer to dispoze of enny prizoners wot start asking too menny kwestchuns!!!

oh the horror!!! but wayt it gets wurse!!! this is the biggest gofer hole wot i hav ever seen!!!

wun can only imadjin the gofer wot wood come out of that hole!!!

aaaaiiiieeeee jiant gofer god!!! run away run away run away!!! perhaps we wil be sayf heer!!!

aaaiiieeeee oh no it is a jiant mowse!!! she is preparing to judo chop those poor prizoners!!!

can no wun sayv them??? can no wun — uh oh she is luking at me!!!

run away run away run away!!! ok now we find owrselvs in this vast grayvyard ware mickey has berreed those brayv dogs and kitties and pigs and bats and frogs wot hav dayrd to oppose him!!!

hay norwood i think this wun is for yoo!!!

oh wot a horribul slawter of brayv brayv kreetchers!!! oh the hyoomanity!!! it is hopeless no wun can stop mickey mowse frum kerrying owt his plan to enslayv the hyooman rayse!!! we ar doomd doomd i tel yoo!!! or ar we???

whew we ar sayvd after all!!! thank gudness for elderly drivers and defektiv akselerators!!!! ok bye

36 thoughts on “dizneeland ekspozd!!! aka the most crowdedest playse on erth!!!

  1. We hate doggie discrimination. We normally find any place they have dog socks, calendars, magnets, keyrings. You can find labs and chi whoa whoa dogs but almost never Ridgebacks! I’m sorry you got left at home.


    Mr. Nubbin’


  2. We had more fun at home when our humans went to Disneyland and we blamed all the damage on the cat and the sitter.

    Misty the alpha Poodle


  3. Whoa, Dennis! Thanks you so much for that ex-posey on the Skeeriest Place on Earths! I was getting ready to gets mom and dad and Brudder Ranger – and maybe the kittehs – and go hides in the basement or something to prepares for the rodent invasion. But then in the end, a vizsla saved the day. Hip Hip Hooray! Hey! Maybe you can change the name to Vizslaland!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  4. Eeek Dennis! Mom said that we might go to Disney to celebrate her getting her implants to help her but now I don’t know! They let service doggies in the park because we are working and helping our mommies and daddies so they can have fun. But I am not going to let my Mom get eaten by a giant whale or taken prisoner.
    Maybe if I show her this we can go to a giant dog park instead!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,


  5. OH MY DOG!!!!!

    “in the corner shivering”

    I NEVER want to go to that place EVER!!!!

    Mama, thank you so much for NOT taking us with you…

    Scared in Texas,


  6. Well, I am outraged! Outraged, I tell you. Doggie discrimination is a form of communism. I am going to write a letter to Walt Disney right now…oh, that’s right, he died. Well, I’m still going to write to him. And you know why? Because I am outraged! * At least that mouse is out of the way.*


  7. When there are NO dogs allowed in Disneyworld/land, NO dogs allowed in the library, NO dogs allowed in restaurants, NO dogs allowed in department stores,NO dogs on busses or trains, why are you concerned about THIS one place. You should be writing to the US Congress for allowed entrance to all these OTHER places, so our lives would be more exciting and interesting. Ask Bo Obama what good it is to live in the White House if he can’t go anyplace else!



  8. That is without a doubt the scariest thing I have ever seen! I will be awake tonight, under the quilts, worrying about that giant gopher! Great googley moogley!


    P.S. Of course Mom thought it was the funniest trip to Disneyworld that she’s ever seen!


  9. Yep!! I was right about that place. I told you Knott’s Berry Farm was better. I think they discriminate against dawgs too, butt at least.. there are no steroid stricken Rodents all over the place and I didn’t see any Pet Cemetary Places either. You ought to be counting your blessings that You escaped the torture of that hideous DizzyLand Place. I know I am glad for you.


  10. Wooos Dennis! Mum is still laughing, after all, we really have the most crowed place on earth here, not Disneyland, but Disney world, because we have 4 parks, and no dogs allowed here either! By the way, my human granddad works fur that evil mouse. Mum says they put pixie dust in his coffee to make him work there with a smile on all of the time, he is so, soooo happy!


  11. Not that you’d want to actually visit such a place, crawling with so many humans anyways, but they do have some pretty nice doggie accomodations, actually… Bet your daddy will come home with “It’s a small world after all” playing on an endless loop in his head. Hehehehe!

    Brutus the Frenchie


  12. Thanks for the tour of Disneyland, Dennis… and I’m sure you broke millions of kids’ heart by making Mickey a roadkill.

    Licks, hero


  13. Just wait till the little bipeds come tomorrow and we give them the real story about that place they all want to go visit – thanks, Dennis – they will be forever grateful to you.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  14. Dennis: that must have taken all night and most of the day to upload those picures and write that amazing expose. I have never been to Dizneeland and now I shore do not plan to try. I’ll just attempt to stay safely, like you, in my Toyota.


  15. Nice tour Dennis!! Looks like a good time there in Disneyland! I would go nuts there…but, guess, as you said, we’re not allowed. Bummer!!! How’d you get that car?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  16. Hysterical! Can I just say….the day my son had decided he’d outgrown Disneyland was one of the happiest days of my life? That place just creeps me out! But I endured while the fascination held. Was a good sport even. Ack! Thanks for the laughs Dennis, Oh Kindred Spirit! Hope Your Mom and Dad and their Mom and Dad had a BLAST!!! Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


  17. Geez Dennis I hope they didn’t rub it in my showing you all the photos and the rides you couldn’t go on! WTF those friggin hedgehogs got to go? Protest!!!!


  18. Hi Dennis, did your Mama & Dada find the answer to the age old Goofy/Pluto question. Why is Pluto like a normal dog & why does Goofy walk upright & wear clothes & talks if they are both dogs?


  19. Good Grief I just came back from reading the entire post. I had no idea that such a conspiracy was going on & I always thought Disney Land was a place of fun & happiness. How badly deceived I was…. I hope we are safe all this far away in Tasmania. But I guess we will never really know for sure????


  20. hey wow dennis
    it’s your nice reader norwood. That looked like a horrible place to visit. I’m glad u made it out but my pal ole fly bait didn’t.. I bet he haunts the place with a ribbeting ghost.
    thanks for showing him to me. Stay safe


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