its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest host crag ferguson!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog welkum to another instalment of the sunday awards and meem show!!! todays speshul gest is the faymus persun crag ferguson!!! i am not shoor wot crag ferguson duz eksaktly but with a naym like crag i bet he is a profeshunal ressler or sumthing ennyway pleez welkum crag ferguson!!!!

ok first up is too awards wot wer handed owt smorgasbord style by my frend jingle!!! the wuns wot i put on my plate ar:

the mistchif mayker award


the staynd glass go ahed mayk my day award

now i am not a mistchif mayker myself but mistchif duz seem to misteeryusly okkur wen i am arownd!!! jingle verry kindly handed owt theez awards to her entire blog roll and so i wil do the saym!!! And now lets go bak to owr speshul host crag ferguson!!! hay crag ferguson how ar things going so far???

ok so far so gud then!!! now nekst up is this luvly rejekshun letter wot wuz fabrikayted by my frend writer rejected!!!

ok teknikly writer rejected is dadas frend but this just goes to show yoo that peepul wood rather be frends with a kyoot dog then with a persun!!! and i didnt eeven hav to rite ennything to git this unlike dada hoo spent yeerz and yeerz riting stuf to kollekt his rejekshun letters ha ha in yore fayse dada!!! ok now bak to my luvly chat with the faymus ressler crag ferguson!!!

ok my nekst award is frum my frend mayzie its the golden cup award!!!

the astoot reeder wil of korse rekognize this as the wurk of the esteemd purple hatter!!! hay crag fergusun wood yoo mind spinning the weel of fortchoon to selekt the five lukkee reesipyents of this award???

and the winners akkording to the weel of fortchoon ar:

ok and last but not leest we hav this award wot i got frum the ufli flyball leeg chek it owt!!!

hay wow i wuz the fastest vizsla dog in ufli last yeer!!! go me!!! ummmm of korse i think their wer only like too or three vizsla dogs running but stil!!! go me!!! and chek it owt i am a breed ambassador i bet that meens i git to address the yoonited nayshuns!!!

ok thats it for this weeks sunday awards and meem show enny parting wurds for owr nice reederz crag ferguson???

and thats a rap!!! ok bye

29 Comments on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! feetchering speshul gest host crag ferguson!!!

  1. I love the Sunday show! Congrats on all those nice awards, particularly your Flyball one – THAT one is so special! Den-NIS, Den-NIS, De-NIS!!! More movies of Dennis traveling at warp!!! A clever, clever post, but all of them are! And huge thanks for passing that award our way – we are honored! Happy Sunday!
    Hugs xo


  2. Dennis! We don’t know who that guy is either. Hey, momma says that telling your dada about my photoshop adventures in advance is like the kiss of death because then the busy making things always prevent her from carrying through so from now on I am not letting her tell your dada anything ever again.

    Oh yeah, I also want to tell you I watched the movie Up on Friday night. Now you know I prefer action and horror movies and this one had absolutely no zombies or vampires or car chases or anything, but it was really good and it had lots of doggies in it. Plus I could enjoy the scary parts more because I knew everything would turn out good in the end.



  3. Wow! Dennis! The joint was packed with celebrities and all doing “YOUR” show. A flyball award, a Flyball Ambassador no less.

    Ah, Dennis, when it all comes together, there is nothing better, is there? NO, not one thing. Congrats Dennis and Tucker for a great show. Good to see the Beautiful Trixie, too.



  4. Wow! The celebrities are fighting to get on your show! That’s a big improvement from when you couldn’t get anybody on. Thanks for the award, too!

    That was just a turkey leg, right?



  5. Grrrrreat awards there buddy. Hey, I gotta as you… what is this word
    meme or meem that you keep using. I hate being in the dark.
    My mom has a whole collection of those rejection letters like your dada has. Butt… she also got a … PHONE CALL!


  6. Great late night edition! I think you look really cute as a diplomat type with a suit. Oh and the flyball award FANTASTIC!


  7. My mom loves that Craig Ferguson! Hmmm…
    Congratulations on your Awards! But I am not sure about that rejekshun letter!
    Kisses and hugs


  8. Oh Dennis! What a handsome redhead you are in that suit. We are so proud of you and your mom achieving top ratings in the sport of flyball. We look forward to more Dennis awards in the days ahead. FYI- your flyball fans are used to seeing you run without a suit!
    Congratulations, Brian & Joanne


  9. Dennis, do you think you could get our momma the PAWtograph of Craig Ferguson? Our momma just ♥s him! BTW, you look mighty dashing in that suit of yours…


  10. Never heard of either Crag or Craig Ferguson. Checked out a three-minute monologue on Youtube. It was amazing, I didn’t laugh even once!


  11. Congrats of the fly-ball award! Brilliant!

    NOTE TO JAMES: Craig Ferguson’s book, “American on Purpose” is a great read.


  12. Congratulations on all your awards, Dennis…can we still call you Dennis or should we call you Ambassador,or Sir, or Mr.Dennis? I’m not sure how these things work. By the way, you really rock that suit. Handsome!!! My my!


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