34 thoughts on “Observed Around The Street

  1. Woooos! That is one BIG doggie! Although I think I could eat 6 tons of chicken flavored mealworms too!


  2. If they taste like chicken then yeah, make that a double order…
    And Momma BOLd at the ‘He’s fleein’ the interview’ comment! She never watches movies on accounta having ADD but that is one of her favoritest movies ever! She also said that the ninja hedgehogs are “kinda funny lookin'” whatever that means!


  3. So, Tucker, where are you snoozing these nights? Uh, being this size must be creating many more problems than just dealing with the Ninja Hedgehogs. How are you managing? Please don’t come to Minniesnowda and ask Trixie (if you can find her) what to do.



  4. Tucker, I hope you take full advantage of being larger than everyone for a while!

    Ha ha! I definitely thought of Dennis when we were in the elevator! She definitely wasn’t going up all those stairs, but she did go down them. She put on the brakes when we went back to the elevator door to go down!


  5. Wow!!! Chicken flavored hedgehogs! I would LOVE to be giant too! Great post 🙂

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  6. I smell a rat, er… trouble – Trouble! And what happened (I think it’s…)Trixie? Quite possibly, Trixie, with all those mealworms, you’ll grow even larger, thus singlehandedly foiling the evil-doers. Yes… that’s what I think is going to happen. Be careful.


  7. I was going to say “oh no” but I think this is going to end well.
    Dennis is this your house? You have a very cool house!!!!
    and you have a huge mountain right in your back yard????
    Oh wowie

    bonks to all of you – especially Tucker.
    Where are you going to sleep tonight???


  8. Ummm, It looks to me that since I’ve been gone you”ve gotten even biggew than befowe Dennis..those stoopid hedgehogs don’t have a chance
    smoochie kisses


  9. I don’t think HE would fit through the dog door so I would be ok with him living at my house! Really, though, mom says thanks for the great ideas on how to get me to stop torturing Quinn (and the sleeping humans) every time he comes IN the dog door! And hey, I’ll try anything if treats are invloved…no crate thing though, never have been crated and I think it is like jail!


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