27 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Back Yard

  1. A change request form 100 pages long, oh no looks like Tucker TMBTDVD will stay HUUUUUGE for a while yet. I can’t see those 6 tons of chicken flavoured meal worm lasting long with Tuckers giant sized appetite…


  2. well, this is the new normal, 100 page forms.
    You might need two lawyers to read it.

    Bob, don’t blow anything up! I suggest you two better back off right now.



  3. You got the mealworms! I dont see anything about them being Chicken flavored though I think you were the victim of some kind of bait and switch 😉


  4. Where is Tucker?? Its not possible for him to fit in the house anymore, and there is little room for him to just layabout. So where is he??

    Six tons of chicken flavored meal worms create a vision that is as repulsive as anything I have imagined. All in all, this whole deal is hard to imagine.



  5. That sure is a bog bucket of meal worms. Nice to see all that green beautiful spring green. So nice to see it’s been snowing all day here. I’m ready to see green here.


  6. Visually, this may be my favorite one of your posts, even though I really enjoyed the ones where Nolte and Paris make appearances. Trouble never fails to crack me up lol. Hope your week is going well!


  7. Hmmmm 100 page form is short. I mean look at the number of pages in the “health care”(which includes student loans)……..bill. pshaw That is a short government form! *she says as she just shrugs her shoulders over all the stupidity*


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