Dog Impact

Having achieved orbit and rendezvoused with the shuttle, we are now prepared to travel to the outer limits of the solar system and destroy the Alaska-sized asteroid that threatens to obliterate all life on earth. Our precious payload of Pop Rocks and soda is the only thing standing between our planet and a deep impact.

Leaving our vulnerable blue home behind, we set off in our sister ships toward the approaching space rock. We must act quickly; it is drawing ever nearer to its fateful collision with our world! Plus it is almost time for dinner and if I’m not there right on time, Tucker will steal all my food.

But when we finally get close enough to the asteroid to prepare to deploy our Pop Rocks and soda, we come to a horrifying realization:

While the others debate the meaning of their sensor readings, I hurry out on deck to take a closer look at the mammoth object that now fills the space before us.

Only too late do we discover the true nature of the threat that we face. This is no random celestial event — this is a deliberate attack, a prelude to invasion! And before we can react, our shuttle is destroyed in a dastardly ambush!

With our sister ship and its payload destroyed, we are effectively helpless, and our foe knows it. This is confirmed when we receive a holographic transmission from the commander of the enemy space station, ordering our surrender.

Although the pixellated image is somewhat unclear, by the mask and the voice, it can be none other than my old enemy Darth Tater! I thought we had destroyed him, but obviously I was wrong; and now he has come to take his revenge on the entire earth! We are hopelessly outclassed and have no choice but to surrender, for now; but I will devise a plan to stop him before he enslaves the world. Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

19 thoughts on “Dog Impact

  1. Your website is quite original.It looks like it may have taken quite a bit of time to get the pictures designed the way that you did. Beautiful dog.


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