36 thoughts on “It Was A Good Day Until

  1. Well, mealworms ARE high in protein! Teasing the kitty seems like it could be as fun a sport as chasing roadrunners. BTW mom won’t let us order from ACME…she says their products never helped Wiley (no clue WHAT she’s talking about)!


  2. Don’t tell Trouble this… BUTT there is a pill you can take for WORMS. I had to do that once after eating rabbit poops. I’m just sayin’.
    Hey Dennis… could you explain the MEEM SHOW thingy to me. I don’t know what that word means.


  3. Dennis
    It’s your nice reeder norwood. Trixie looks innocent but she’s up to the trix -isn’t she? I can’t wait to see your adventure movie… if it’s a bit longer than 2mins.. that’s okay but not like 5 minutes long.


  4. hiyas, dennis the vizsla!
    i saw that you awardified mr. frankie, and then mr. frankie said you were a really cool dude. any friend of mr. frankie is a friend of the booker man’s!! so it’s super duper awesome to meet you. 🙂
    now, i am totally not a fan of kitties, but i gotta say…i feel a little bad for trouble. those wormies are totally ickies, and i’m guessin’ trouble is gonna have to get a bath ‘n stuff to get the cooties off. egads.
    the booker man


  5. Uh oh…..I am thinking Tucker is going to be in BIG trouble…or hopefully LITTLER trouble…

    You know…Trouble trouble…not to be confused with Trouble with Tribbles

    “sigh”….Mama needs to get out more….”sigh”



  6. Oookie! Mealywormies on a da head – meeeooowwwwr! Don’t blame you Trouble! Aiockiii!
    Feelin’ for ya xoxoxo
    Sammie and Ozzie too


  7. i liked your remard about taking a nap for 15 or 20 hours…that’s just like a cat…oh yeah and nice lawn too. you do that yourself?


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