27 thoughts on “It’s Only Extortion If You Get Caught

  1. Trouble, just tuck a flower here or there in those worms, and you will have a great new spring bonnet:) Or maybe add some Ragu and enjoy a great pasta meal.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Geee, my dad would go all Cracker Crazy if he could grab a bunch of those meal worms. He FISHES with them… Those Crappie Crappies (hehe Frankie made a Funny) go wild for them.
    Come to think of it… he just might throw a hook in the C A T… and go… Ta Da… CATfishing. BaBoom… Frankie made another Funny!!! BOL BOL BOL
    Hey I really appreciate the explaination of MEEM thingys. I kept wondering and wondering… NOW… after all that info… I am just wondering. hehehe


  3. Wow. Tucker is still a giant! For the record, I like the new meal worm look Trouble. Don’t pay any attention to that mouse…what does he know about fashion? I mean, look at those ears of his.


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