its the sunday awards and meem and film festival show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! we ar stil on owr grand whirld toor wot wuz arrayndjd by my brother tucker the other vizsla dog and this week we ar broadkasting frum owr first stop the lardjest trash heep on the west koast!!!

ok i do hav sevral awards but insted this week i wood like to present my entries for my gud frend norwoods pawsum film festival!!!  

i wil be bak with the awards nekst week but this week its film fest time!!!  i apolodjize in advanse to the bandwidth impaird!!!  ok now on to the mooveez yoo may remember theez frum varyus past posts but they hav ben speshly recut and edited just for norwood!!! ok first is my entry in the aksun adventcher category it is me vs the pillo!!! die pillo die!!!

ha ha wow that shoor wuz an epic battel all rite!!! but i wuz viktoryus!!!

okay nekst is my entry in the mistry category i call this wun wot happens to the windo seet wen it is not in the windo ennymore??? i dont no it is a mistry!!! lets find owt!!!

wel i gess i solvd that mistry all rite!!! ha ha i am a regyoolar hercules pwaro!!!

ok and now for my nekst entry this is in the romanse kategory!!! it is abowt my doomd luv affair with a tennis bal!!! so sad like titanic on akkownt of it involvs water!!!


ok and now for my last clip its an entry in the comedy category!!!

its funny becuz comedy is just like tradjedy and its tradjik that i didnt git enny of dadas lunch wile he wuz mayking it!!! and thats a rap!!! lets pack it up and hed owt to owr nekst eksotic destinayshun!!!

as they say in the moovee bizness i wil ketch yoo on the flip side!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem and film festival show!!!

  1. Hay Dennis… that pillow shooor didn’t have the “right stuff”.
    GRRRRREAT VIDEOS.. I no u r gonna win!!!!!


  2. Now here is a TRASHY Joke for you.
    Do you know where the Lone Ranger too Tonto???

    Ta Da DUMP
    Ta Da DUMP
    Ta Da DUMP DUMP DUMP !!!!


  3. Aw Cat Crap… Here’s the KAY that if furgot to put in the word tooK.
    Darn it. I messed up the HUNCH line. SORRY Buddy.


  4. I’m laughing so hard at these! We can so relate to the sandwich video. I am NOT letting the girls watch those first two videos, though! We do not need pillow guts all over the floor!

    Thanks for the vote! 🙂


  5. And here I thought I wasn’t going to get to the movies today. 2 action flicks, a romance and suspense. Only wish I had made popcorn, and brought tissues, before it all began playing.


  6. Dennis!!! You have a HUGE playroom, and great job redecorating it! Were you wanting a new window seat so you took the old one out? Have you ever thought of working for a demolition company?? Tucker and Trixie don’t seem to be as good as you at it tho… they should stay home

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


  7. hey dennis
    it’s your nice reeder norwood. my momma is over here cackling like a chicken. did woo put a feather on her seat too? you are the ester williams of the dog swimming world… most graceful and majestic in the water. I love your entries…. I may have to rename the festival masterpiece theater.


  8. Well. I have tears running down my cheeks at the mistry one and finks it should be comdy cause I’m laughing so hard!!! Gotta say, you are one holliewood pawesome director and bet you will win lots. So sad ’bout that ball in the water – you shouldda called me and I wudda helped you get your true love. You are ‘mazing director and actor Dennis!
    Hugs xo


  9. dennis, mom came close to blowing her whistle & diving in after ya on account of she’s former-lifeguard. wheww.. that’s sum strong luv for a tennis ball–

    sending ovah water wings stat!


  10. DUDE!!! Are you sure you’re not part Boston?? ‘Cause that destruction was BRILLIANT!

    And mom says more videos! Because she loves to see Vizla’s in action. My favorite vid was the last one – Trixie did not blink once while looking at somebody’s sandwich!


  11. Damn! You totally entered in like all 600 categories. I need to get my booty in gear. I think that one movie was in the wrong category because my momma laughed so hard at your “swimming” that her Starbucks almost came out her nose. Nommy.



  12. Wow, Dennis – I never realised what a great movie star you are!! 😛 And your human is an awesome film director/producer too – I would like to enter this festival too but my human isn’t so good with editing fancy videos so I don’t know if we’ll make the deadline…we’ll try our best!!

    Honey the Great Dane


  13. Dennis…Mama and me think that you should do a feature film!!!! Mama can’t stop giggling..OH and I am sure the tears streaming down her face are from the Tennis Ball movie!



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