woofstock twenny ten!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel a kuple of weeks ago i went to woofstock for the annyooal flyball demo!!! this wil be wun of the last woofstocks before the wurld ends in twenny twelv so i am glad i got to go their and hav a gud time showing evrybuddy wot flyball is abowt and also gitting filmd by a moovee kamra guy!!! i dont no wot he wuz doing eksaktly i suspekt he wuz wurking on a dokyoomentry calld dennis the vizsla dog the dokyoomentry but we wil see!!! ennyway heer ar sum pikchers frum woofstock and of korse a flyball viddyo enjoy!!!

ok first heer is a pikcher of the ballistic racers flyball boks yoo wil note it is a luvly shayd of bloo with pretty red skript on it i like to call this the “dada is too slow on the shutter” pikcher!!!

stil life with boks

but of korse yoo ar not heer to see the pretty bloo boks and bemoan dadas timing yoo ar heer to see dogs!!!

for my nekst impreshun: a velociraptor!!!
applying emerjensee brayks!!!
talk to the paw!!!

of korse my teemmayts were their too!!!

“so, tennis bal, we meet agin.”
thats rite the ledjenderry hover dog plays for my teem!!!
“gimme five!!!”
antilock brayks ar hily rekomended for emerjensee sitchooayshuns!!!
no reely their is a dog in this pikcher!!! luk harder homer!!!
“he’s fleein’ the interview!”

ok now at sum poynt dada realized that maybe he shud moov arownd to the other side and git shots of the front of the boks of korse at that poynt we wer abowt reddy to tayk a brayk so he only got a kuple of pikchers their hay dada dont kwit yore day job to bekum a fotografer!!!


ok now wot yoo hav all ben wayting for its the flyball viddyo wot shows sumbuddy tayking flyball viddyo wow so meta!!!

as yoo can see we hav dogs of all shayps and sizes on owr teem!!! come wun come all be yoo lardj bee yoo small!!! ok now lest yoo shud think woofstock wuz all abowt the flyball think agin!!! their wer lots of other dogs and stuf their!!! i wil show yoo those in part too of this post on therzday!!! no sneeking peeks at the pikchers now!!! ok bye

34 thoughts on “woofstock twenny ten!!!

  1. I have never seen this Fly Ball thingy. How did you ever learn to do all that??? When you run up and hit the breaks… do you steal the ball and then run back with it??? That is really hard work. Whewwwww. Dennis that looks like the bestest of funs. BUTT, it must be hard to wait and wait and wait for your turn. No wonder the world is ending in 2012.


  2. Dennis! Totally thrilling! Yuh, love the still photos. Some most unusual techniques there. PeeWee thinks he wants to learn how to do that. Sure, but you have to bring the ball back, methinks, although I thought I spotted a dropped ball there during the race.



  3. Wooos Dennis, great photos of the flyball, but the video was awesome! It shows how fast woo all go! I think Scampi would really like that game, except fur all of the people and the noise and the other doggies…. Me, I do not like balls, I do not get their appeal…
    -~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  4. Pretty cool Dennis! Momma liked the lil guy fleein the interview! I guess the using the lil dog to get smaller jumps can back fire when lil dod gets a mind of his own! You were dashing ah ha ha (pun intended) and dad did not do too bad on the photos. We like the ones where we can see the front of the box too though!
    What is this about he world ending in 2012? Will it be after the summer olympics? Are ninja hedgehogs responsible? Maybe you told us in an earlier post… I really need to get caught up but my google reader goes backwards so I read new stuff first!


  5. No peeking. why does that make me want to take a peek? Great Photos and video! Dennis looks so beautiful running so Fast and so Smart. You must be proud, looks like a Fun day!


  6. The photos alone got me super excited but the video sealed the deal. I want to participate!!!
    Thank you for yesterday’s tail wag. It worked. My sissies are doing well.


  7. Dennis! Holy Smokes! You are ripped! Were you running that fast to compete in flyball or to get away from all the adoring ladies?

    Seriously, you look great and it’s pretty obvious you had a great time!


  8. Dennis, you have a seriously intense look on your face. When it comes to fly-ball, you guys mean business! I’m currently working on a program for Proctor & Gamble and Iams pet food. After looking through your site, I think that it could be a good fit for you. If you’d like more information, please drop me a note at owen@rocketxl.com and I will follow up with additional details. I look forward to connecting with you.


    1. Hi Owen,

      Thanks for your note! It sort of depends what the program is. If it’s one of P&G/Iams’s rescue programs, Dennis would be happy to participate (being a rescue himself), but he doesn’t do any product or food-related stuff.


      Jim (Dennis’s Dada)


  9. dennis the vizsla, almost missed your speedy gonzalezness trying to eat a taco when computing. so it’s like a relay race.. just glad it’s not in the water.. oh. shh.

    Click & treat ya,


  10. Most impressive Mr. Denis Viszla doggie! We have seen some impressive stunts by viszlas lately in our agilities (there seems to be lots of clones of you around lately, actually), but you yourself totally take the cake. I salute you!

    Brurus the Frenchie


  11. Woo-hoo! That sure looks like fun.

    Now, about this world end thing…I think it’ll be postponed for as long as dogs love playing Flyball, so you’re safe for now.


  12. Dennis

    I was looking fowawd to the dokoomentwy called Dennis The Vizsla, but I saw a lot of othew intewfewing doggies..You wewe of couwse the highlight, and I sowt of agwee wif you about youw Dada, hehehehe
    That looks like the most fun xept fow snacking and sneeping and playing that I have evew seen
    smoochie kisses


  13. wow, dennis, that looks like tons of funsies!! i looove balls…i wonder if i can get my mama to teach me how to do this flyball thingie! has any doggie evarrr run into the box before? i bet that would be totally ouchies and super full of the embarrassments.
    the booker man


  14. Wow – that looks like the most FANTASTIC time!!!!! And I LOVE all the action shots! Flyball looks like such a fun game – I’m dying to try it out. My human has just signed me up for a new course of classes called “Dog Sport Prep” at the Brisbane RSPCA where I am learning the basics for sports like Agility and Flyball – and then I’m going to try out a Flyball class!

    Honey the Great Dane


  15. That is just soooo cool, Dennis! Just commented on Woofstock II and missed this one – so sawry! You are such a zippy one – almost missed you, you were such a blur! And the other stuff going on… well, just saw todays (Thurs’) post and it’s the compleet piture now! You are such a stud!
    Hugs xo


  16. Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore jumped up from their naps to run and see where all the doggy noises were coming from!! Wow, that’s fantastic sporting action.


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