woofstock twenny ten part doo

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as promissd heer ar sum more pikchers frum woofstock twenny ten in the mithical sitty of sandy eggo!!! in theez pikchers yoo wil see sum of the dogs wot came to see the flyball demo or the frisbee demo or just to shop becuz as yoo no dogs luv to shop!!! and by shop i meen snif things ha ha ok on to the pikchers!!!

now of korse i wuznt running and playing flyball the hole time sumtimes i wuz wandring arownd with mama and sumtimes i wuz just luking a littel konfyoozd:

this is my nonplussd luk. nonplussd meens i am not gud at maths.

their wer lots of big dogs and lots of littel dogs but for sum reezon most of the pikchers ar of littel dogs i think this is becuz they wer waring the most stylish owtfits!!!

“This not a slanket. This a sloodie.”

menny of the littel dogs wer riding in konveyanses of sum sort this littel fellow is a forteen yeer old sheltie dog riding arownd in style with his frend the pug!!!

“Once around the park, James.”

wareas this scottie wuz riding arownd in a stroller!!!

“Am too a human kid.”

sadly sum unfortchoonat littel dogs wer kompelld to moov arownd under there own power:


chek owt this vizsla dog!!!  this is not me yoo can tel on akkownt of i am not into that bondadj seen like this dog seems to be!!!

wotever floats yore boat!!!
hello there nice reederz its dennis the wholesome vizsla dog!!!

then at wun poynt i stumbeld akross a doggie massadj parlor!!!  i had hoped to see the faymus massoose feebee boofay frum the long running televizhun dokyoomentry frends but she wuz not their perhaps she wuz hanging owt in central perk ha ha no i am just kidding central perk closed and wuz replaysd by a starbucks yeerz and yeerz ago!!!

“hay lady watch ware yoo ar putting those hands!!!”

in addishun to massadj their wuz also storytelling!!!

now also we pikd up this luvly pikcher of san canine de vizsla hmm he luks just like me!!! its abowt time they started cannonizing dogs becuz as yoo no we ar mutch more saintly then most hyoomans!!!

as yoo can see san canine de vizsla is the patron saynt of perpetchooal moshun hmmmmmm let me go check on sumthing

hay tucker yoo ar disapoynting san canine de vizsla!!! ok then on the way back home we passd this massive edifiss:

eevil beware!!!

oh wow the hall of justiss!!! it is almost as impressiv as the doghowse of justiss and is no dowt ful of sooperheros!!! i wil be bak to chek this playse owt and see if they wil let me joyn i am shoor they do not hav ennywun with my partikyoolar skill set in there roster yet!!! ok bye

23 thoughts on “woofstock twenny ten part doo

  1. Oh wow! We love Balboa Park – that is one beautiful place! What a cool event – storytelling, rides in strollers and wagons and everything! How come you didn’t have your own costume or conveyance, Dennis? Would have liked to have seen you getting a massage as well! Must say… you do look nonplusseds – I don’t do maths well either. But I’d love to come along and explore that Hall of Justices with you – that would be furry exciting! Loved this post!
    Hugs xo


  2. I didn’t know about that perpetchooal moshun thingy either. I guess it is beclaws i’m not CAT o Lick. I think i’m pets ba tear e n. Thanks for the info. You shure du ceep me in form ed.


  3. Oooh. I like your Patron Saint so much better than Mom’s (hers is some fruity-looking guy killing a giant snake that is supposed to be a dragon… yeah, right…)! Looks like fun times. although that whole ‘Hall of Justice’ thing scares me a bit. I’m glad it’s all mythical. (What does a sandy Eggo taste like, anyway?)

    *kissey face*


  4. Woos Dennis! All of those doggies riding in little cars, do they not have feet?????
    I really liked woo portrait! Mum does doggie massage too, just like that phoebe human, except with dogs….!
    I can’t wait to see the super heroes that come out of that Hall of Justice!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  5. Wow…that looks like a very much awesome time, Dennis. I can’t believes all those dogs that had peoples to taxi them here and there. Gosh! I thinks I must talk to my mom about this. (37 pounds counts as a small dog, right?) Did you get massaged?

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. wow! talk about good times! i would love some massaging and story telling for sures!
    oh, and dennis, don’t worry about that other vizsla doggie…he was only wearing a sports bra. i have the exact same one. my mama thinks i pull too much. whatevs. but anywho, i assure you that i am still a most wholesome doggie.
    the booker man


  7. Wow Dennis what fun! Looks like Roscoe in that second picture. hmmmmm I wonder if he was on assignment. In cognito, or undercover. Hey momma wants to know if they had sans pit bulls there too?


  8. You should go easy on Tucker, Dennis. From the lack of white hairs on the portrait, I’d venture the guess that San Canine de Vizsla died young (as only the good do).


  9. I am horrified that Tucker ate the porridge. Now the Fairytale is ruined for all the generations of kiddies yet to be born. I guess you could do a series of posts “Goldielocks & the 3 Vizslas, or 2 Vizslas & 1 German Shepherd


  10. Hey Dennis! That was a weird adventure you had. What is with those dogs with wheels and how do I get some?

    I must say I was put off by your comment on that other vizsla who was not you’s attire. That was a sports bra. I have one myself. A most stimulating and functional garment for sure. Yuh. And manly too.



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