a skolarly treetis on why yoo shud lissen to dennis the vizsla!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may remember a kuple of yeerz ago i publishd a skolarly treetis on nasty weeds in witch one of the weeds i menshund wuz the evil foxtail weed:

unfortchoonatly i forgot my own advise and ate sum foxtail grass the other day!!! wot can i say i wuz kraving a salad!!!

so after mama notisd i wuz hacking and koffing she and dada tuk me to the emerjensee vet hospital ware i wuz most kroolly kept awayk until wun oclock in the morning and then put under sedayshun and they stuck sumthing down my throat and pulld owt sum grass leevs!!! and luk they did a fraternity prank and shavd my leg!!!

oh ha ha verry matchoor yoo guys!!! duz this meen i git to ware a frat shirt now???

and go to parteez???

akchooally no wot it meens is mama watches me like a hawk and duznt let me go owtside on my own until the weekend wen she and dada can do a sertch and destroy on all foxtails in the yard


so remember evrybuddy dont eet foxtails!!! or if yoo do mayk shoor yoo julienne them first!!! ok bye

33 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on why yoo shud lissen to dennis the vizsla!!!

  1. Update: Dennis’s mama has been feeding him a mixture of slippery elm and honey since “the incident” and he just yacked up a big wad of vegetation. We didn’t see any of the worst foxtail pokies in it, just the grassy part, so that’s good. The grassy part still has sawtooth serrated edges but at least it doesn’t have a spike that enables it to travel through the body.


  2. Ouchie, Dennis! No, no, no…foxtails are no good! Stick with the pretty green grass in the yard. Not only is it tasty but it leaves nice little holes that gives your mama and dada something to do.

    I hopes you feel way better soon!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. Dennis! Thanks for the warning. That was kind of scary that they did the roter rooter on you and everything. Plus I bet mama and dada are now sleep depraved from worrying about you.

    I am not certain that those frat guys are the kind of company you should be keeping.



  4. Owwww ohhhh Dennis, this is such a terrible ordeal you went through.
    Nasty, I can’t even think about what else they might have done to you while you were sedated…. ::shivers::
    My mom watches me like a hawk too. Too bad I do not have a facebook page or we could join a group “mom watches me like a hawk”
    I hope you got a prize or something for being brave or especially co-operative.
    Your shaved leg, that right there earns you a new stuffie
    You deserve that, and super bonks from me!


  5. Poor Dennis! Sammy likes to eat salad sometimes too, but fortunately we have no evil fox tails in our back yard to tempt him. Be good and maybe you should look back through your sklolarly treetis. LOVE that last picture!
    Happy weekend, friends!


  6. Oh Dennis…hang in there dude…Sounds like foxtails are bad news!!

    We are sending happy thoughts your way for exciting inside playtimes with Trixie and Tucker!



  7. Poor Dennis, I hope your tummy is feeling better!

    I have foxtail grass growing in my yard the cats try and play with the prickly tops and sometimes try to eat it. Bad kitty! If they do swallow it they puke it up in my shoes. I guess I am lucky they make my shoes a mess. That is why they are house cats so I can watch them, no foxtail grass growing inside the house.
    I hope you feel better:-)


  8. Woe Dennis. So sorry you had to go through that – endoscope thingy? Oh man, you poor guy. At least you were three sheets to the wind and the nasty stickers were extracted, but oh… your poor hoomans too. Pleez (in your language) don’t get a hankerin’ fur salads fixins no more. Glad Tucker could be of assistance to you too – great photo! Get well, Dennis – soon!
    Hugs xoxoxo


  9. holy cow, dennis! i’m sorry you had to endure all that ickiness last night. i hope you are back to 100% super duper soon, and please don’t eat any more of those foxtail thingies!! those are bad news bears!!
    the booker man


  10. Oh, I like my salads very much, too, but I stick to the sweet grass! There aren’t any foxtails for me to munch on! Maybe you could get a tattoo on that spot! I guess your mama and dada were less than thrilled to be up so late at the vet’s office.


    P.S. Of course we’re the patron saint of couch potatoes! It’s a given!


  11. Yikes, Dennis – don’t eat the foxtails any more, please. We can’t have our favorite vizsla sick. Mom just found out that a plant she just bought that she really wanted badly is very toxic. With our lovely gardener Ciara on board, looks like the new plant will be finding a home out front where the pups do not get to go. Feel better, pal.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  12. Dennis!
    I hope you get better soon!
    Those foxtails are mean!
    I am sure your Mom and Dad will get rid of all of them!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


  13. Oh, Dennis, we’re so glad you are okay. You have to learn to listen to your own advice.

    Re your comment: We’re glad Trouble made it through the hairball incident.


  14. I’m glad you survived that horrible ordeal. Jumping off the roof I mean. The foxtail survival was good nees too. Your shaved leg is cool, you could get a tattoo there just to be really cool


  15. OH my goodness, Dennis – you poor thing! That sounds awful! And I’d never even heard of “foxtails” before! I wonder if we have them here in Australia? (As if we don’t have enough poisonous nasties & beasties to bother us!) I love to eat grass too and am always chomping on some in our garden or out in the parks on our walks. Hey, yesterday, I found some possum poo again and rolled in it before my humans caught me – Hsin-Yi was NOT amused! She said havign to wash disgusting stinking poo off me once at a public water fountain was funny and good fodder for the blog but having to do it again was stretching the joke a bit thin! And Paul wasn’t any help. He just stood next to us, covering his mouth and gagging! Hsin-Yi says men are useless! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane


  16. Well, our boys don’t eat them, but they get them caught between their toes. If we don’t find them in time, they poke in and cause infections! It’s all very scary!



  17. You’ve made a serious mistake! You’re supposed to eat the ANIMALS that LIVE in the foxtail! I bet there’s lots of good critters and critter poops in there!


  18. Oh Dear Dennis! We are just catching up on all the news! You had better read your scholarly treatis again, in case you forgot that foxtails are not good in salads! Try some Romaine instead….


  19. Dang, dude! I’m glad everything turned out ok. And thank you for the warning. I agree with Pierro. We need to join that FB group. hehe

    Your pal,


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