its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor!!! brawt to yoo by jingle!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to this weeks sunday awards and meem show in witch owr whirld toor kontinyooz!!! wot duz tucker hav plannd for us nekst on owr eyetineraree??? hoo can say!!! but i am shoor it wil be fun!!!

ummmmm that luks like a playse ware ninja hedjhogs ar likely to hayng out or eeven grues!!! i do not want to be eeten by a grue!!! so before we go inside lets git started with the awards and meems!!!

ok first let me reemind evrywun abowt norwoods pawsum film festival!!!

the dedline for entreez has ben ekstended to may ninth so git thoze viddyos in to him!!! i heer he givs ekstra poynts for viddyos wot hav frogs in them ha ha!!! ok now on to the awards!!! first i hav a bunch of awards frum the always industryus poet jingle!!! first is this post frum jingle in witch their wer three awards to chooz frum and i pikd the versatil blogger wun on akkownt of i am the versatil vizsla!!!

i wood like to pass this along to all my versatil frends hoo perform multipul funkshuns!!! yoo may not think yoo ar versatil but i ashoor yoo that yoo ar!!! for instanse amung my menny funkshuns ar watchdog and kompanyon and flyball athleet and fetch player wareus amung tuckers menny funkshuns ar steeling food and sleeping and farting ha ha see we ar all multitalented!!!

also frum jingle is the humor blog award frum march wot i shayrd with sevral others and the kon … konkomit … and the yoo ar a sooperstar award wot kaym with it!!!

thank yoo jingle and jingles nice reederz hoo voted for me!!!

finaly also frum jingle i hav theez too awards:

hay that princess luks like my old frend tinkerbell the fairy hoo we pikd up that time we aksidently stopd by the peter pan planet wile we wer on owr kwest to find the planet of the spayse chikkins!!! oh wot a horribul fiasko that wuz!!! i wud like to pass the princess award along to all my girl frends and the hot blog award along to all my boy frends!!! ummmmmmmmm wayt that didnt come owt rite ummmmm lets say femayl and mayl frends insted!!! and i think we hav finaly reetchd the end of the creepy tunnel and now i understand why tucker brawt us heer!!!!

i stil hav more awards to hand owt but i am owt of time for today so toon in nekst week wen we wil be broadkasting frum the cheez kayv!!! if their is enny cheez left by then!!! ok bye

25 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor!!! brawt to yoo by jingle!!!

  1. Well….all I can say is …WOW! You are all sooo well deserving of all of these awards. You bring many smiles to all of us who visit. 🙂 Thank you for your dedication and your support. 🙂 Have fun today.


  2. Dennis, well done with your Awards – we admire your organization! Now we think we might need to talk to you about your boyfriends – oh well maybe that’s for another day!
    We would so love to arrive at a cave full of cheese. Do you think you could ever get fed up eating it? We only get small amounts as treats – you know the amount you would give to a mouse!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & bailey xxx


  3. Dennis! You found a whole cave of CHEESE??? A whole big old cave of CHEESE! OMD! OMD! I just…I can’t…gah…ack! I thinks I’m having goodness overload here. I wonder if I could talk mom and dad into moving into a cheese cave. How great would that be?

    Cheesie Wiggles & WAgs,


  4. hey dennis
    it’s your nice reeder norwood. thanks for plugging my film festival. .hay wow it was like a commercial. um… i saw your kitty friend with the froggie or toad or froad. that kitty is a true stand up comic too! hey wow I saw u in boston today.


  5. Jingle shore handed you a bundle of ‘wards! Congrats, Dennis and crew! I wouldn’t have gone in that cave though, but glad you did, cause I LOVE cheese too! Was that a celibate blogger award you got? Well I certainly hope so heheheee! Nice haul this week!
    Hugs xoxoxo


  6. hey dennis the vizsla, your world tour must have taken you to beantown..b/c you were in the Walk for Hunger. Norwood even got a photoshot of you or your twin brudder?? huh. afterwards, my mom took him to the frog pond to video his swimming stroke.. for you! like a lesson. i guess.

    oh well. toodles.


  7. Cheese cave?!? Oh, can I come?!? Please?!? I’ll even bring my own napkin (and ninja hedgehog repellent). Please?!?

    *kissey face*


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