26 thoughts on “Word Verification Wednesday: Revenge Of The Taters

  1. I thinks I musta missed out on something. I thinks taters are tasty! But they’re not? They’re skeery? Somebuddy needs to keep me up to date on these things.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  2. well, mom loves taters in any way shape or form

    this is probably the ONLY cool fun thing about werd verification.
    Sometimes the werds are cool.

    bonks Dennis!


  3. Dennis
    did you ay tatews???????
    tatews?/// as in fwied ow mooshed ow scalloed ow skinny, ow fat, ow boiled
    (Mommi once had them eight diffewent ways fow hew biwfday, she loves them so much..it explains the size of hew bumbum, hehehe)
    smoochie kisses


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