Government Intervention

Momentarily …

16 Comments on “Government Intervention

  1. Hi Dennis friend! Isn’t the PTA supposed to be worried about school stuff not explosions? Someone needs to set that guy straight.


  2. Um. Did someone mention cookies? I could deal with the PTA if they brought cookies.

    *kissey face*


  3. What if you accidentally shrink the ATF guy. Then he would have to smoke tiny little cigarettes, drink those little airplane bottles of whiskey and use little toy guns… What? That’s not what they do? Ooops.


  4. I’d go to a PTA function if it had cookies too. Where’s Trouble…er…Trixie…er….Tucker. Awwww I’m still confused.


  5. Oh my gosh!!! You really have some interesting things going on there!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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