Might As Well Go For Sushi Nobody Hurt

Later …

22 Comments on “Might As Well Go For Sushi Nobody Hurt

  1. Dennis! Hey! You almost beat me in the romance movie competition. Guess that tennis ball love story was a real hit. I know that the uber geeks that work with momma thought it was better than my romance movie. Can you believe it?



  2. You know Dennis sometimes we can’t make head nor tail of your adventures! We bassets are pretty good when we pick up a scent but vouchers for cookies – there is no scent unless we have cookies. Is Trixie a cat – what happened to Trouble – is Mr Wick getting on yours? Is there an italian spinone?
    Is someone tap tap tapping to get out of the box? Sometimes we wish we had been born a more intellectual breed – you know like a visla…….!
    Struggling, your basset friends xxxxx


  3. Dennis….
    care to join the Weekend Funnies which I am hosting?
    Take a look …
    Have you an AWESOME weekend!


  4. No, they are more like tostadas. You might enjoy them.



  5. I’m thinkin’ that the cookie vouchers will never be redeemable. There will be some whacky governmental qualification or other. They’ll probably want to take your temperature (you know where) to get the cookies… and they will no doubt be past their expiration date.


  6. I would personally like to invite you to join a meme which I host?
    Weekend Funnies
    please take a look…
    It runs weekly from Friday to Sunday.
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    Have you an AWESOME weekend!


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