The Outlaw Orzo Wales

Having been sent down to the planet of the Orzo Outlaws with an offering of rice, I have found myself in the palace of the planet’s Queen. Will my rice be accepted? Will they let me go? Will I ever find out what orzo actually is? Only time will tell …

The Queen’s inspector-general, a severe-looking older gentleman named Mr. Pitt, appears to be pleased with the rice I have brought, while the Queen herself is distracted by an ongoing conversation with a mysterious friend who appears to live in Dallas, Texas, back on Earth.

However, any hopes I may have had that the combination of good rice and the Queen’s evident familiarity with my home planet would result in my swift return are soon dashed, as a result of a cultural misunderstanding — always a danger when an anthropologist such as myself is introduced to an unknown people.

My protests are ignored, and I find myself placed on a horrific conveyor belt device designed for the purpose of assembly-line-style neutering of superfluous males!

However I prove to be immune to the device’s operations, as a result of a visit I paid to the veterinarian several years ago. Taking advantage of this, I escape from the industrial facility housing the conveyor belt, and make my way out into the desert surrounding the palace compound. There I stow away aboard a strange vehicle heading deep into the wasteland, making good my escape from the Queen of Orzo.

However, I soon discover that, much like the old American West, this frontier is under the rule of the gun, not the rule of law.

As I try to explain myself to this suspicious character, he soon realizes that I am not a threat, and lowers his weapons. However, he still does not give me any dessert. I am sure I will be able to wear him down, though; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

21 thoughts on “The Outlaw Orzo Wales

  1. Hahaha…I know how much effort you put in this , Dennis.
    thank you so much.
    I will link you up and hope you visit other and they will visit you too…
    Funnies is all about laughter and jokes and YOURS are ORIGINAL..
    well done…
    welcome, Dennis!


  2. Oh, my sides! I was hoping the conveyer belt would make an appearance! If Clint is involved, I wonder if we’ll see scenes from The Good, The Bad And The Ugly… *snicker* And of course Trouble would pull over for no one!


  3. WHAT????? He didn’t even offer you any Orzo pudding with cinnamon and raisins????? BAH!!!
    Now about that GRRRRRRRRRRREAT PIRATE HAT… guess what??? I have one too. It is JUST like yours, only different. I have it all loaded and ready to put on my blog tomorrow. And wait until you see my B…. Biter Shirt. It’s a pip.
    I think, you should have offered BROWN Rice… since you are kinda brown and all.


  4. Hai Dennis, yoo is smashing in yer pirate hat! I dun fink any bean wud sway from wat yoo say. Did yoo try to offer dem sum nommies? I has a few in da back yard dey can has. There is this HUGE cat box back there full of NOMMIES!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. Dennis, we hope you get your dessert!

    Yes, we did get quite a haul and the box is the best of all. We cats play in it and Buddy says when we’re through he’d like it for his dessert.


  6. We thought Clint Eastwood was king of the spaghetti westerns, not some sissy orzo stuff.

    Your Raiders emblem is becoming annoying. You really need to find a lightning bolt.


  7. Hey Dennis,
    Next time take spaghetti to Clint Eastwood. Mom says he made alot of spaghetti westerns. (Oh I just crack myself up!)
    Hugs Sunny
    ps we are going to look and see if your pee mail addy is on here, because mom wanted to ask Dada a question about a puter program and she did not want to look dumb in public comment. hahahahaha


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