its the boston terrier flyball demo show thing part wun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay a kuple of weeks ago my flyball teem did a demo for the boston terrier club!!! and wow it wuz like an army of joe stainses and tannerses and mackses and jakeses with a smattering of ikeses!!! it wuz sutch a hyoodj eevent it duz not fit into wun day chek it owt!!!

this eevent wuz held in the mithical sitty of escondido also nown as the surfiss of the sun!!!

inkongroous grassy area brawt to yoo by eeriegayshun!!!

no i am just kidding temecula is the surfiss of the sun escondido is more like the surfiss of merkyoory ha ha ennyway it wuz stil erly in the yeer and so escondido hasnt finishd heeting up yet and beesides we come eekwippd to deel with the heet:


in addishun to portabul fans we also had swimming pools to witch we cud retreet wen it got too warm:

keeps the hot side hot and the cool side cool

and of korse grass is always good for nice cool roaching:


hay chloe how duz that grass feel???

oh yeah thats wot i thawt!!! ennyway was yoo can see their wer lots of boston terriers their in all shapes and sizes and colors ummmmm as long as its boston terrier shaped and sized and the colors are mostly black and wite!!!

“Why yes, I do work out.”

now this littel fello had come fresh frum a revival screening of the big lebowski i think!!!

“I was told we were going to Margaritaville.”

it wuznt just flyball tho their wer also random boston terrier sporting eevents chek it owt!!! first wuz the boston terrier fifty yard dash or scramble as the case may be:

and a luvly game of myoozikal boston terrier cones!!!

and of korse no sporting eevent wood be komplete withowt sum soccer!!! or football for my frends wot dont hav the kind of football ware yoo git to yooze yore hands!!!

hay jake i think that wun is for yoo with the springs in yore feet!!! ha ha!!! ok now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis i am thinking yoo sed sumthing abowt flyball wel thats rite i did!!! but we ar owt of time for today so toon in tomorrow for sum boston terrier flyball akshun!!!

“omg wtf srsly u want me 2 do wot???”

that is wot we in the bizness we like to call a teezer!!! ha ha ok bye

39 thoughts on “its the boston terrier flyball demo show thing part wun!!!

  1. I love all of those captions. lol 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us your very exciting and fun filled day. You had many good looking friends there. They were all smiling. 🙂


  2. Wow…a whole day with Boston Terriers??? I am thinking you were totally sleepy tired worn out when you got home!!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  3. Wow!!! Love the run as fast as you can to your hooman or somewhere fun!!! 🙂 Were you in a Boston Terrier suit, Dennis? Or, did mom read too fast and skip something!!! 🙂 Part II Part II!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  4. One of my best dog friends is a Boston Terrier her name is Lady Bug.;+) I really enjoyed all the videos. The one with all the Bostons running in all directions was hilarious. Looking forward to more, thanks for the teaser.;+)


  5. OMG, you’re a flyball tease! Love the Tom Selleck look. And some of those guys had the right idea with the dash/scramble. They were so fast, you couldn’t even see them finish and get back to home!


  6. Escondido is my town. It gets pretty hot here but I don’t think as hot as Temecula or Elsinore. My son has a Boston Terrior. A funny story. My son had just gotten a new set of false teeth. He fell asleep with them in his mouth. He sleeps with his mouth open as many do, when he woke up he had a few pieces of broken teeth in his mouth and his dog was cheerfully eating the rest. Needless to say my son was quite upset. His dentist had a good laugh over it, of course he would he made money on the teeth twice.


  7. Great post, Dennis!! What a fun event! I loved all the little Boston Terrier competitions – and am super impressed with that little BT who could play football…why, the ball was almost as big as he was! Hee! hee! 😆

    And hey – crates with their own fans – how cool is that?! 😉

    Honey the Great Dane


  8. WOOOO meow hahaha what a great time. I love the videos
    I love the games, those doggies really know how to play hardddd
    –and that Hawaiian shirt is very cool too

    bonks Dennis for sharing such a great fun day


  9. O M D !! Look Dennis, there are tons of ME runnin round?? How’d yoo manage dat?? Im lovin my springs in my feets, it makes me bounce higher and higher!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  10. You spent a whole day with the Boston Terrorists?! I need a nap just thinking about it!

    Ha ha! Mom says her stepbrothers live in Temecula and that’s probably the reason it’s so hot there!



  11. Hey Dennis! Seeing all those little black and whites running around cracker dog sure cheered me up. They are most bouncy and not easy to herd. I hope you stayed cool enough for flyball. Looking forward to Dennis action movie.



  12. Hi Dennis,

    This flyball thingy is so cool and pack with fun… didn’t know flyball was so popular with boston terriers… looking forward to some Dennis action.

    Licks, hero


  13. WOAH Bostons everywhere! I loved the 50 yard um not dash. Bostons sort of do their own stuff and we only listen to what we want. We are quite awesome in that regard. Thanks for all the great photos and videos! I can’t wait to see more.


  14. Surface of the sun, huh? I’m going to cross Temecula off my list of places to visit. In fact, I’m not sure I want to visit to surface of Mercury, either. Even if there are swimming pools and fans there. But I’m a bit of a princess and my sister is a Total Diva…

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona (and Abby, I guess)


  15. That sure brought laughs to us Dennis! Scooter was looking for his “twinnerer” Tanner and we loved the BT parrothead! Looking forward to you displaying your prowess at flyball tomorrow. (Uh, you do have prowess at flyball right????)


  16. Hello sweet Dennis!
    What a cool event there.
    But I need to confess that I could be very scared with so cute dogfriends around me! LOL
    Just kidding!
    I think those pools are a great idea for a refreshig pause during the activities, but I could prefer to take a nap!
    Happy Tuesday
    purrs and always love
    your fan


  17. Okay, well duh – now I get Part II better heheh! This episode was furry funny too. You tell a great tale Dennis – the movies and captions on pix all very hysterical – Ma is cleaning up the puter screen from her upchuckles at the musical cones movie. Thanks for the entertainment!
    Hugs xo


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