its the boston terrier flyball demo thing part doo!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i promissd it now heer it is its the boston terrier flyball demo thing part doo!!! in witch boston terriers try there paw at flyball chek it owt!!!

the boston terriers wer verry enthooziastik!!!

“You said there’d be cookies after this, right?”

and kwite athletik!!!

Talk To The Mighty Tocks

and okayzhunally oddly rabbit like!!!

“They call me Jack. Jack Rabbit.”

and … ummmmmm … hay i think we hav got a ringer in heer!!!

“Am too a Boston Terrier.”

their is sumthing diffrent abowt that boston but i am not shoor wot!!! ok ware wuz i oh rite boston terrier flyball!!!

boston terrier blur is blurry!!!

this fello wuz so athletik he had to ware restraynts just like poor harrison bergeron!!!

“Curse you, Diana Moon-Glampers!”

wots all this then???

“I told you, I’m a rare fawn-colored black-faced curly-tailed Boston Terrier.”

hay!!! ringer!!! this is a boston terrier joint!!!  do not mayk me tel yoo agin!!!

“Ball, butt … it all starts with ‘B’.”

and now wot yoo hav all ben wayting for its viddyo of a boston terrier dooing flyball!!! chek it owt!!!

ummmm unfortchoonatly thats the only viddyo i wuz abel to obtayn of the boston terriers dooing flyball but heer is sum viddyo of the boston terriers watching flyball!!!

go boston sports fans!!! i think they ar rooting for me on akkownt of my red sox!!! ha ha ok bye

35 thoughts on “its the boston terrier flyball demo thing part doo!!!

  1. Dennis! Your red sox look kind of blue. Hey! This is totally one of my most favorite posts ever. I love your color commentary. I, too, was confused by the blond BT.

    You have a basset hound on your team? For real? Like Martha and Bailey? I hope it is a girl dog because when those boy bassets get older sometimes all their parts might not clear the fence if you know what I mean.

    I think I could do flyball, you know, now that I see the gates used to point out the course. Might have to lower the jumps, though.



    1. hello mango its dennis the vizsla dog hay wot??? my sox ar bloo??? i wil hav to tayk this up with mama i am suppozd to be color koordinayted it is in the vizsla breed standard!!! ok bye


  2. Dennis! You didn’t tell me you could fly like the wind I am so totally impressed but not so much that I want to try that since I am getting kind of old and arthritic and everything so you don’t mind if I just sit here and watch your video do you? Your friend, Clover

    Dude! What’s with all of the running and stuff? Your friend, Cosmo


  3. Hi Dennis! Gosh, this was Most Interesting. I thinks my Cuzin Phoebe (the Boston terrierist) would be really good at flyball cuz she LUVS balls a LOT! But she gets hot kinda easy and might have to lay down and rest on the way back. Would that be a problem?

    You were very speedy and I liked seeing all the other dogs on your team. I didn’t know bassets could jumps that high.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  4. Love your commentary – too funny! And the BT movie was great! But loved watching you – you are da DOG!!! The #1 fassssstttest – great video! I just came from Honey the Great Dane’s and she has a flyball post over there down under wherever – and thought about you. Then I visit here and there’s flyball here too. Is it flyball season?


  5. Hai Dennis, wow yoo is stunning star of dat movie! Us BT’s are spastic, we cant help it, dats probably why flyball is not sumfin we do? At least I dun do it, I dun wanna give mom or dad the ball!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Awesome video – I don’t think I could stay on course (even with all the fencing), but it sure looks like fun. (And funny – those short little dogs are Very Entertaining!) But dude, you are the DOG!!! (Actually, you’re the STIG, but that’s kind of a car racing joke… So nevermind..)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Pest


  7. hayhayhay! ok anok it iz me scooter. i dids not noses u wuz the fasterest dawg! u did smokeses thoz over wuns! u musta wored ur inbisabel cape, rite???? ok anok i finks i cood doooz that flysball fing tooo. not onlee duz i fly planes buts i haf ben werkin on mi own majik cape! a nuthur venshur fur me to do! ok anok. i nefer did seez mi twinerer tanner buts thoz boston terrerists wuz funneerest. mom dids laff an laff!!!
    ok anok i duz godda go . i iz plannin a hoooge trip an i fink i will cumz tu see u in (whut iz it sunny? whar dennis iz sunny! ok anok fanks) kalafornya. an sunny duz sez yep u is mor hansomer than thoz dennis wannabeez!
    chox up soonerest i hopeses.
    pee ess i finkses u r rite bout thoz ninja hedghawgs burin up that fing whar mom duz plugses stufses in. ok anok i iz dun fur nowz


  8. Dennis
    I am sooo jelly
    That flyball is the bestest although I don’t know how that imp ostow got in..he was not a bosotn ow maybe he just fowgot to weaw his tuxedo.
    I think you wewe the best, but then i’m pwejudiced(I have athing fow boys wif long legs)
    smoochie kisses


  9. Wow Dennis…I think you could give even that Bunny dog that is over on “houndstooth” a run for her money….You are ZOOOOMIE fast!!!

    Smileys and Snuggles,
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  10. Oh Dennis – watching your videos makes me even more gutted that I can’t do Flyball anymore!! Hsin-Yi says I’ll just have to “live vicariously” through your blog! 🙂

    Honey the Great Dane


  11. Such fun photos, commentary and video. We’re all a bit mad because we could only watch 2 seconds of the second video, the one we wanted to watch the most.


  12. That fawn dog is a poser! I’m sure of it!

    Darn it all! We can’t see the videos. We’ve tried about fortyleven million times to watch them and it freezes up every time!


  13. good job dennis!!
    i totally love that you have a basset hound on your team! i didn’t know a basset could move that fast or jump that high. teeheehee.
    i also love how at the beginning of the video when you start running, there is a girl yelling, “oh, he is so cute!!” or somethingie like that.
    the booker man


  14. Urgh!!!! My Pops keeps leaving his WP account logged in, and it’s messing with my comments! I can’t wait to get a computer of my own and not have to share!



  15. Hi Dennis – you are the fastest one on your team. We think you should turn Pro. Maisie just started taking flyball classes, I went to some classes too, but I don’t really understand it. I am still going to give it another try though. Maisie loves it.
    Your pal, Morgan


  16. People ask us all the time if we are pugs or even mini pitbulls, Bostons have identity issues. I think that Boston did a great job on flyball but not like you professionals!


  17. Dennis, this post ROCKS! BT’s do flyball? geez, i have to find this sport somewhere soon. I think cracker, err, I mean Loki may like it! YOu look FLY on your flyball routine! and yes, your socks are, um, BLUE! better get after the bi-peds to do you right!


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