The Good The Bad And The Pugly

Having narrowly escaped from the stronghold of the Orzo Outlaws, I found myself wandering in a desert wasteland. No food, no water, no comfy bed — it is much too much like the canyon from which I was rescued several years ago. Fortunately, I was rescued once again, by a laconic Man With No Name; but to what purpose? What does he want with me? And what is this civil war he keeps mumbling about? My anthropological interest has been piqued; I must retrieve the truth!

Mr. No-Name escorts me to his home, which is a small complex of mostly bombed-out and destroyed structures that may once have been some sort of farm, judging by the harvesting equipment I see lying unused and half-buried in blowing sand and dirt. However, my attempts to engage him in conversation about this place, or about anything else, or to borrow a few bucks, end in failure.

Evidently I must spend more time to win Mr. No-Name’s trust before he will open up and tell me the history behind what happened here. I will begin this process by accepting his offer of a new hat.

This seems to have won his trust, as he asks me to take the first watch so that he can get some sleep; evidently he is tired from a long day of riding the range, or whatever it is he does.

Unfortunately, it seems that my watchdog skills are a bit rusty.

Evidently Mr. No-Name has many enemies, including this fellow, whose cuteness is somewhat diminished by the fact that he is pointing a revolver at me and my new friend. What does he want with us? Is he after me, Mr. No-Name, or both? We will find out! I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

21 thoughts on “The Good The Bad And The Pugly

  1. I like the hat! Do you feel any different with it on? Hopefully you wont be mistaken for the frito bandito…..


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