its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to the sunday awards and meem show!!! todays show is coming to yoo live frum a reemote banana plantayshun at the verry ends of the erth!!!

ok first we hav an award frum my gud frend jingle as yoozhual jingle presented a popery of awards and i chose this wun its the fabyoolus bling award!!!

i tuk this wun on akkownt of the dress luks like wun of those crazy waltz gowns wot ladies ware wen they ar dooing waltz and also becuz i am verry familyar with bling!!! feel free to tayk this award but remember bling is not a life preserver!!!

ok nekst up is the versatil blogger award frum my gud frend dory!!!

this is the versatil award becuz it is both a blog and a meem!!! in order to tayk it yoo hav to shayr seven things abowt yoreself and then pass it along to fiftyteen other bloggers!!! now sinse we hav all alreddy told evrywun evrything abowt owrselves i thawt i wood let owr littel frend the stowaway mowse do it so tayk it away stowaway mowse!!!


  • ILikeCheese
  • MyFavoriteMovieIsRatatouille
  • MySecondFavoriteMovieIsMouseHunt
  • PeopleTellMeITalkSoFastTheyCan’tTellOneWordFromTheNext
  • MyEntirePurposeInLifeIsToAnnoyTheCat
  • MickeyIsMyMillionthCousinOnceRemoved
  • IWasLyingAboutTheCheeseNotBeingRipe

thank yoo stowaway mowse!!! ok now to pass this along to fifteen frends the weel of fortchoon sez it goze to:

  1. nala the ridgeback!!!
  2. tula monstah!!!
  3. the elyan cardigans!!!
  4. the luvly and sofistikayted asta!!!
  5. the furry kids!!!
  6. tucker the great dane!!!
  7. pierro the kitty!!!
  8. dingoes wild!!!
  9. the op pack!!!
  10. daisy the cat hoo is curly!!!
  11. river the beagle!!!
  12. schnauzer & schnauzer!!!
  13. lorenzo hoo knits tomatoes!!!
  14. brutus the frenchie!!!
  15. and doggie stylish!!!

ok and last but not leest we hav the bottom dwelling blogger badj of bottom dwellingness frum frigginloon and bearman!!!

now this badj is for blogs wot ar unlikely to be feetcherd on things like freshly pressd on akkownt of poor speling or bad grammer or inkorrekt punkchooayshun or inappropryat yoose of imadjes so i am not shoor why dada sugjested i tayk it but hay we need all the mateeryal we can git for the sunday awards and meem show!!! after all weev got to keep this show on the rode ha ha!!!

and thats a rap for this weeks sunday awards and meem show!!! ok bye

Later …

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show whirld toor!!!

  1. Uh….oh……

    Hope that magic carpet random picker thingy can get you out of jail!!

    Or maybe you have a get out of jail free card???
    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo


  2. Happy Sunday, Dennis – and thanks for sharing your award with us. We love cheese too. And it sounds like you have a thing for mice and rats – are you sure you are not Trouble in disguise?

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  3. If it’s ‘original’ you’re looking for – then this blog should long ago have been selected by Joy Victory to be featured on WordPress

    However, Jpy’s loss is our gain – welcome fellow ‘bottom dweller’ !!!


    1. see – that’s why MadHatters is condemned to forever crawl in the primordial mud – I can’t spell 😳

      Jpy’s in above comment should read ‘Joy’s’


  4. Bottom Dweller? Gug! I hope you can get out of jail or Bugs turns up or something. You guys ought to try and get it together, just a little, you know?



  5. Dennis
    Sheesh, back in the dungeon again??
    i’m stawting to think you like it thewe.anyway, cogwatulations on those awawds!!!!
    I wouldn’t bat that yucky thing awound it looked like it would be squishy and explode and have goop coming out of it, but that’s just me.
    I hope those nananas didn’t make anyone soopew sick
    smoochie kisses


  6. Dennis, you are the most versatile blogger we know! We loved the pretty bling Award! Congrats on all of them and do be careful with those bananas – they are very green and will give you a sore tummy!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx


  7. Well, at least you didn’t end up on top of a tall tower with a Skybox somewhere! I hear your dada would’t rescue you from way up there! Getting out of jail should be a snap for you guys by now.

    We gave you the Versatile blogger award, too, but we forgot to tell you! Oh well!


  8. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! How are the banana eatin’s workin’ out? Oh jeezzz…how are you all going to find your way out of these new accomodations?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  9. hayhayhay! ok anok congadshulshunses on thoz wardeses!!!(wat r wardeses sunny? hu? o fanks)
    ok anok i iz neerlee finisheded wif mi indibisabel capeses, an i kin resku u if u wantses tu be reskudeded. jus letz mee no. ok anok
    uh denis. doncha noses thoz shadeses wuz pilot shadeses???? geeeeeez i duz geses i iz smarterest! ok anok godda go haf a snax
    chox up


  10. I’m thinkin’ that when those green bananas start comeing… OUT… they will be willing to PAY you to leave that jail. BUTT.. I kood be rong about that.


  11. hey, dennis!
    gratsers on all your awardies!
    i’m kinda worried about tucker. i mean, he ate all those green bananas, and now ya’ll are in prison, and there’s no bathroom…
    oh boy.
    the booker man


  12. oooo…we’re not worthy of such an award! have you seen our postings lately? like non-existant! 😉

    3 weeks to get arrested? Lame indeed! Was it Reno 911 who arrested you? (i think i’m seeing a Dennis/Reno 911 story in the works…)


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