a skolarly revyoo of tuckers noo perambyoolaytor!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may hav notissd tucker has got a noo set of weels chek it owt:

pet geer expedishun pet perambyoolaytor

now as yoo no we luv to go to the majikal land of feeesta iland ware we can run and romp and play and splash arownd in the water!!!

wel sum of us do ennyway sum other small grey vizsla diva dogs dont like to git there feet wet ha ha

i am gitting my feets wet but i am not swimming!!!

but unfortchoonatly owr reesent ekspedishuns hav tended to be cut short on akkownt of tucker running owt of enerdjy wel no more!!! becuz now tucker has got weels!!! i now preezent the vizsla trend rode test of tuckers noo perambyoolaytor lets go to the perambyoocam!!!

ha ha that wuz just a test drive nobody wuz reely in it but eventchooally tucker got tired and wuz koaxd into entring the passendjer kompartment:

“Someone fetch my driving goggles and gloves.”

in addishun to kerrying a forty pownd minniatchoor vizsla dog this perambyoolaytor can also kerry all sorts of hyooman junk wot mama and dada ar too lazy to kerry themselvs:

pet perambyoolaytor??? or ekstenshun of mamas purse???

hay tucker i hope yoo ar chardjing them a storadj fee!!! ha ha!!! ok now lets see how mutch tucker enjoys riding in his perambyoolaytor!!!

now it may seem like tucker is kerrying on a bit but that is mostly becuz mama forgot all his treets in the car!!! krool krool mama!!!

however it wuz not long before tucker setteld down and began to enjoy being pushd arownd the dog park:

riding in a konvertibul with the top down!!!

just luk how he is overwelmd with the thrill of beeing perambyoolayted along the sandy trayls!!!

luk at tucker go!!!

wow dada drives like a maniac!!! ok wel it luks like evrybuddy had a gud time and we wer abel to kompleet a sir … sirkum … wel ennyway we went all arownd the entire iland for the first time in a fyoo yeerz so hay tucker how do yoo feel abowt yore noo perambyoolaytor???

ha ha yoo shoor ar!!! ok bye

46 thoughts on “a skolarly revyoo of tuckers noo perambyoolaytor!!!

  1. Oh how cool! I want one too – do they make them in my size? Hmmm. I don’t think the Momma can push me though, I’m kinda heavy.

    woof – Tucker


  2. Awesome! I loved that everybody gets to go out and play now…these seriously cracked me up! Many more happy rounds about the island for the gang this summer 🙂


    1. hello nubbin tails its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama and dada orderd it frum petsmart online it wuz not the cheepest price but petsmart sed they cud reetern it to the local store if it didnt wurk owt!!! it is suppozd to kerry dogs up to like a hunnerd and sum odd pownds witch wood be like elefant sized dogs i think!!! ok bye


  3. Fantastic! Now Wesley is gonna want one. Trixie didn’t seem very impressed…maybe she wants one of her own?


  4. Just remember that if the dogs at the dog park make fun of you, it is because they are jealous. The only way that could be cooler is it Mom & Dad detail it, maybe some flames? Add some shiny wheel covers or rims?


  5. I can’t get over the fact that your Mama forgot the cookies….how does one just FORGET THE COOKIES….

    I hope she was punished for this oversight….



  6. Holy Cow… sometimes I’m such a doofus. At furst I thought that preambyoolator was one of my Dad’s all strung together Drunken Sailor word combos. Whew. It would have been a doozie.
    Butt then my mom told me what the word was and all is fine now.
    That is one fine TuckerMobile, I’ll say that for it. And how very much thoughful of your mom and dad to take Tucker’s WANTS into consideration. Tucker WANTED to go all those neat place… butt the body was not up to it. Bestest of all worlds now!!!
    I love all of the super videos.


  7. What a nice thing for the old Geezer (Tucker, I mean, of course) and very nice for your Mom and Dad to help him enjoy time with you and the Beautiful Trixie. I wonder if he and Trouble will start drag racing or anything like that. Maybe Dennis could be harnassed up and pull the Tucker Mobile, there’s a good idea!



  8. Your mama and dada sure are great parents, Dennis. This is so cool and now everybody gets to have fun. Love the videos. Tucker looks so cool in his new ride. Good times.


  9. Awww, Tucker! You are SO lucky that you have toadies – um, I mean – parents who luvs you so much! And gosh, I bets all the other dogs at the dog park are gonna be SO jealous. Maybe you could charge ’em for a 2 minute ride like they do at those carnival places.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  10. I want to come on your next trip. 🙂 You guys have tooo much fun. I love those new set of wheels. 🙂 I have not seen them around yet, so thanks for the insight. 🙂


  11. Oh gosh, we thought we wanted one and it’s real nice and all ….. but then we saw Trouble’s tank! KEWLLLL!!! We wanna tank and we wanna tank NOW!! He he he! 😀 Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  12. That is so cool – apparently we have something similar in the garage and Harry, basset before us, used it when the humans went cycling. It attached to the back of Dad’s bike and when Harry got older he would go in the pull along. Harry loved it although our mum feared that he would outlive our Dad! Uphills with a rather large basset is not easy!!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx


  13. Oh my dog, Dennis
    I love that pewamboolatow of Tuckews. It’s supew cool wif the top down.
    It hink he does need lots of tweat in thewe and goggles and dwiving gloves . Can he take dates in thewe wif him?
    smoochie kisses


  14. Holy Genius! Where did you get that thing? Lilac would be all over that! It’d be perfect for her! I can just see Dad’s face when Mom told him about pushing her around town in it, though!



  15. Tucker’s new ride is awesome!! He seems to like it & now the whole family gets to go on longer outings. I didn’t even know that pet companies made strollers for big dogs!


  16. What a great ride for Tucker!!! Mom says she used to try to get her little and old cockapoo to ride in a wagon but no way would she sit in it. Ciara says she thinks that just might qualify as a royal coach for Her Highness:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  17. Oh wow, Tucker – your very own set of wheels! HOw cool is that!! And I loved to see you runnign around – like a young pup again! Looked like a great outing for everyone…

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. I wonder what they’d do if an elderly Great Dane needed a set of wheels? You’d probably need to convert a supermarket trolley or something! 😀


  18. Mom said she’s seen it all now. Not that it isn;t lovely for Tucker(even tho his mom forgot COOKIES!) She just didn;t realize they had baby carriages for dogs. Guess they have evrything for us now!
    Pee ess Scooter is on the moon as we speak. Says he’ll be back tomorrow in time for supper. Thought y’all were stuck up there.;}


  19. That thing is pawsome! Lilly has been begging mom for one of those for years!
    It really looks like you were enjoying that Tucker. I think Dennis wanted a ride too!


  20. This car is fabulous ( it’s so modern and comfortable!), I’m envious now, I would love to be there , enjoying such a lovely day with you dear friends!
    wow cool lake!
    purrs and love


  21. I want one! I have always preferred to ride anyway. This is definitely for the Mango. I would not ride backwards like Tucker, though, that makes me a little sea sick.



  22. That’s so cool, Tucker… hopefully when you charge momma storage fee, you can use the money to buy a nice set of suspension for your wheels.

    Licks, hero


  23. Wow, Tucker! That is awesome! Do they make them in 60lb dawg size? I could use one of those. Then Mom could push EG in his stroller and Dad could push me. Walks could take on a whole new meaning.


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