Having been taken prisoner by a bounty-hunting pug, my new friend Orzo Wales and I have found ourselves on a long ride back to face the authorities from which we both, apparently, have escaped. I know why they want me; but what has Orzo Wales done to earn the ire of the Orzo Outlaws? Why are they so interested in a taciturn, desert-dwelling Man With No Name? Perhaps, on the journey through the wasteland, I will find out, and finally satisfy my anthropological curiosity. What happened here? And why, when whatever occurred obviously happened years or decades in the past, does the Man With No Name remain unforgiven?

The stress of his capture and the forced ride across the high prairie of this desolate world has taken a severe toll on the Man With No Name Who Might Be Named Orzo Wales Or Possibly Will Munny; yet when I try to offer my assistance, he rebuffs me in no uncertain terms.

Later on, when we have stopped for a rest break, I have the opportunity to speak with him more freely.

And once he starts talking, I cannot get him to stop.

He goes on and on and on …

And it is only when we stop at an inn for the night that I discover the real reason he told us that entire long, boring story.

It seems we have gotten the drop on our captor! But we are very close to the Orzo Outlaws’ city now — can we parley this advantage into an escape? And more to the point, where can we find some sushi? My nose will lead the way — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

19 thoughts on “Pugforgiven

  1. Good grief Dennis, as you said, “just when you think things can’t get any stranger, they do…”
    Was it only yesterday you were on the moon and now you are on your way with Pug Masterson being taken in to orzo city.(Is he STILL doing spagehtti westerns???)
    Never Give Up is right! you are Dennis the vizsla dog after all!


  2. “a bounty-hunting pug” Now Dennis that just makes me think we should stay inside. With the doors locked. With our 2 trusty watch humans and 3 trusty watch cats, (well cats at least) by our side. No credit? No firearms? What kind of place is that anyway? And Dennis what kind of dog food is “Shri Vishnu Eatables” anyway?


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